Sophie's Mom (McKinley branch)

I badly miss doing outfit posts!! :( But that's nothing compared to the problems most Filipinos experienced this crazy week. It was almost impossible to go out of the house because of the horrendous typhoon. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and our kababayans. Our country will recover soon!

Anyway, to brighten up everyone's mood, let me share with you some photos from a date I had with my friends at the #happyplace, Sophie's Mom. Whenever I'm at The Block or SM Megamall, I'd always go to their booth and buy some of their delightful pastries. Red velvet cupcakes FTW!!! ♥ So you can just imagine my excitement while we were on our way to their cafe at McKinley!

Sophie's Mom offers a wide selection of bread and pastries. Here's where I tasted the BEST Spanish bread ever!! Hahaha! Bought some for my parents that day and they loved it, too!

Dainty slash girly girls like me will definitely admire the interiors of Sophie's Mom! Cutesy and homey feel ♥

Of course, inavail ko na in umoutfitey nun! More about this look and the brands I wore here. :p

#clingstersmode with my love Ann

Got some Focaccia Bread (with cheese and mushroom), Spanish Bread, Dark Chocolate Tarts and more more cupcakes!! Sophie's Mom is absolutely a #happyplace ♥

See more photos in my Instagram account! Follow me if you still haven't: @listentoarnie

P.S. Will make bawi with outfit posts starting tomorrow! Promise yan! *wink wink*

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