Should I Go For Black Dresses On My Wedding Day

Every bride longs to be beautiful on their wedding day and so do I. But of course that's gonna happen in the far far future, though! :p I just find myself fascinated with wedding gowns lately. And when that big day comes, I have to make tough choices by picking up the right kind of dresses for my bridal entourage. I want my wedding to be as unique as possible so I'm thinking of something outrageous when it comes to the color of the dresses to be worn. At the moment, I'm having an inkling of choosing the black color for all the dresses and the motifs for the wedding. It may seem an odd choice, but I think it's appropriate that I should go for the black-ish undertones on my day of matrimony because they're sleek, stylish, and can reveal my true figure on the wedding day. It may be a big risk on my part (because others might think of my wedding as a funeral), but with the right set of clothes and decors, I think we can make this wedding into a dark romantic affair.

Eyeing on these dresses to be worn on the wedding day:

1. My wedding gown

Reason for choosing: I personally picked this design myself because I like the simplistic elegance of the dress to match with the strapless cut that will truly compliment me. So far I haven't seen any other designs that can compare to this ebony exquisite dress. This dress was found on this site.

2. Bridesmaid dresses in black color:
I have chosen four dress designs to be my bridesmaid dresses at my wedding day

Reason for choosing: I just love the minimalistic design. It's simply fabulous!

Reason for choosing: The lace linings on the neck area suggest a more romantic and mysterious appeal, turning my bridesmaids into beautiful flock of women that will surround me on my big day.

Reason for choosing: Yes, it may look vintage and gothic (in some sense), but I do consider the fact that some of my bridesmaids are pretty conservative and I think they will appreciate this choice which is also as stunning as the other dresses.

Reason for choosing: I just love the pink lace accents that hug the body of the wearer, making them look slimmer and sexier. Aside from that, the embroidered crystal details act like a belt and creating an illusion that the dress is formed out of 2 outfits.

All of the 4 black bridesmaid dresses can be found here.

Do you think I made the right choice with these dresses that I have shown to you?

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