Shitamachi Japanese Chashu House

Remember how, at some point, we all got addicted with froyos, milk teas, macarons, katsu dishes and more? Well there's another craze that's been setting off within the metro and I'm pretty sure you guys would love it as well - no other than the RAMEN rage! Perfect for the rainy season, right? :)

Just recently, my blogger friends and I got invited to try out a new ramen place in Podium called Shitamachi Japanese Chashu House. It's been weeks since I had my last ramen fix and I've been wanting to savor one again! So timely! :)

Shitamachi (in Japanese) literally means downtown while Chashu, on the other hand, means pork belly. Now probably you have a hint on their distinctness with other ramen places? :)

Gyoza -P160.00, 5pcs.

First, they served us Gyoza (Japanese dumplings). Really really flavorful, just right for my taste! Didn't even need a sauce for this.

Chashu Salad - P200.00

Aaand finally time for some ramen!

Tan Tan Men - P305.00

No bias and exaggerating; this is, by far, the best ramen I've tasted. You'll savor an ideal amount of spiciness in this huge hot Tan Tan Men bowl, plus the chashu's ABSOLUTELY heavenly and juicy! Craving for it as I type this post. Someone take me to Shitamachi now!!

Tsukemen - P310.00

Tsukemen is equally awesome as Tan Tan Men, only that the noodles (authentic ramen recipes) and soup are served in separate bowls. Dip and slurp away! 

Better hurry up, though, because Shitamachi serves only 100 bowls a day! That's their way of ensuring we get nothing but the best ramen every single time.

In fact, we actually experienced this! Ava's hubby, Gersh, arrived a bit late 'cause he came from work pa, and we tried to order another bowl of ramen for him but unfortunately, sold out na. Good thing they have more dishes available like donburi and chashu sandwiches! So we just requested for Beef Yakiniku Son (P200.00) for him. :)

With my loves Kelly, Ava, Tracy and Paul

Thank you so much to Sir Allan and Shitamachi Japanese Chashu House for having us! ♥

Make sure to try out Shitamachi Japanese Chashu House located at 5th floor, The Podium! Like and support their Facebook page here for more updates and promos!

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