Parachute Convertible Bags

When it comes to my bag preferences, I'd often go for totes or sling bags. My girly self rarely gets attracted to backpacks; you might get surprised with my pick (you'll see it in a while) from last week's Parachute Bags event! *wink wink*

In a nutshell, the brand is called Parachute because it's actually composed of materials used in making real parachutes. Awesome, right? :) Even if the bags are convertible and roomy, you're sure that they're light, indestructible and water repellent.

Group photo grabbed from Ava

The blogkada and I graced the launch of Parachute's Spring/Summer 2013 collection last Friday. It was held at Woodfire Bistro in Rockwell. Upon entering the venue, we were given the chance to choose a product/design that fits our fancy! It took me long to come up with a decision. Everything's beautiful!!

Each bag can be converted from one style to another. It looks like a pouch one moment (you can place it inside your luggage when traveling) and when it's time to use it, open it up and you'll have a huge tote or backpack!

Parachute uses eye-catching shapes and colors, featuring bold characters, strong prints and lightweight material. They offer different bag designs for all walks of life. Here are some of my favorites from their latest collection:

CCB 11 - Mommy Bag (P750.00)
For moms out there like my dear friend Ava, this bag is perfect for you! It can hold baby bottles, diapers and other stuff. It also functions as a ladies classic style handbag.

CCB 5 - Hobo Shopping Bag (P300.00)
Stylish shopping bag which can hold a lot of stuff

CCB 8 - Hamburger Backpack (P600.00)
This bag can be a great travel or shopping bag. Kids will also love this 'cause it looks like a hamburger pouch at first, then another minute, it can turn into a school backpack.

CCB 6 - Classic Backpack (P500.00)
This is the smallest and lightest among the Parachute backpack collection. It can be folded for easy stow away in your main bag or cabinet until used. Great for all ages!

CCB 7 - Empanada Backpack (P550.00)
Aaand here's what I chose after a tough battle between the travel tote bag and this style! Told you I rarely get drawn to backpacks, but this one really caught my attention. I can already imagine myself using the pouch for events and the backpack for getaways! Notice the round compartment in front, too? Super nice no? :)

Men also have the option of using Parachute backpacks converted into messenger bags. The approximate average retail pricing for all categories are as follows:

• Pencil Cases (P80.00)
• Cosmetic Bags (P90.00)
• Tissue Pouches (P100.00)
• Backpacks (P200.00)
• Shopping Totes (P300.00)
• Travel Bags (P700.00)
• Messenger Bags (P1,000.00)

Channel two different personalities rolled into one Parachute bag! Make sure to like their Facebook page to see their whole collection. You can also get promos and updates there!

Thank you so much to Parachute Bags for these! Can't wait to use them! ♥

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