Black and White

Some people see the world only in terms of extremes. Like if things aren't perfect, then they must be horrible. At times you're brilliant, if not you're stupid. Either you feel loved, or everyone hates you. Hey, that's totally depressing and stressful, don't you think? Remember, in life, situations are almost always shades of gray, not black and white. Banish absolute thoughts if you want to be happy.

On me: Hollow-Out Collar White top (designed by Tricia Gosingtian) courtesy of ROMWE | black and white pants courtesy of ROMWE | Trunkshow heels

But of course, black and white thinking lang ang dapat i-remove from our system. Fashion-wise, we should invest on black and white pieces; classy ensembles that you can definitely use again in the future. Ansabe ng best in segue!! Round of applause, anyone? Hahaha!

Fashion icon and blogger Tricia Gosingtian designed 5 clothes for her collaboration with Romwe. The style is about both Japanese and Asian fashion and Western high street fashion. If you're a fan of clean, girly and minimalist pieces like me, then you'll surely LOVE this collection! ♥

Wore this, by the way, to what we call the "national events day" 2 weeks ago (also the reason why you see different backgrounds in this set of outfit photos, more more options for me and big sis Ana, hahaha). Decided to finish my event posts first before publishing this bilang allergic tayo sa backlogs! Hashtag productive lol :p

Photos by Ana Gonzales
Thank you big sis! :)

Happy Sunday, loveys! xx

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