Vintage Overall

Rushing to put up a new post!!! To those who have read the previous one, please bear in mind that it's a sponsored (guest) post. I'm not getting married yet, far far away pa yon grabe! Hahaha! And if ever I'll plan my entourage for that big day, my motif's never gonna be black else my dainty self would go crazy and explode! Alam na alam niyo yan! Lol! Hi Dad, I know you read my blog; wala lang po yung wedding post. Wahaha! Explain pa eh no!

One big fat anyway, days ago, Mom and I were fixing the items I'll sell for this coming Bazaar For All Season (which is happening tomorrow and on Sunday, by the way!!!). I was feeling extra giddy even after sorting everything out, so I decided to raid Mommy's closet hoping I'd find vintage treasures that can replace the clothes that I'll be letting go. And indeed, I found one! :p

On me: Mom's vintage overall/jumpsuit | belt courtesy of Romwe | Casio watch | bag courtesy of Chicnova | pumps courtesy of Comfit

Decided to wear this ensemble to last Wednesday's second party with the BU Team. Cruise-ready outfit na sumabak sa ice skating! Ansabe! Hahaha! Stories soon!

Now you probably know where I got my daintiness! :p Can't believe my Mom hid this from me for so long... Lol! This overall's quite big on me though, so I grabbed this cutesy Romwe belt to cinch on my waist.

Black oversized canvas tote with embellished rivets courtesy of Chicnova (buy it here)

Fell in love with this bag the moment I saw it at Chicnova's website! It's so roomy, sturdy and stylish! ♥ And unlike other international online shops, with Chicnova, I didn't even need to go to the post office to claim my parcel. No sweat! It was delivered right at my doorstep! Super convenient, right? :)

You think I need to dig deeper through my Mom's closet? Haha! I really really love this entire set and I'm hoping you will, too! Let me know your thoughts!

See you at BFAS this weekend, loveys! Can't wait to see everyone!!! ♥

Should I Go For Black Dresses On My Wedding Day

Every bride longs to be beautiful on their wedding day and so do I. But of course that's gonna happen in the far far future, though! :p I just find myself fascinated with wedding gowns lately. And when that big day comes, I have to make tough choices by picking up the right kind of dresses for my bridal entourage. I want my wedding to be as unique as possible so I'm thinking of something outrageous when it comes to the color of the dresses to be worn. At the moment, I'm having an inkling of choosing the black color for all the dresses and the motifs for the wedding. It may seem an odd choice, but I think it's appropriate that I should go for the black-ish undertones on my day of matrimony because they're sleek, stylish, and can reveal my true figure on the wedding day. It may be a big risk on my part (because others might think of my wedding as a funeral), but with the right set of clothes and decors, I think we can make this wedding into a dark romantic affair.

Eyeing on these dresses to be worn on the wedding day:

1. My wedding gown

Reason for choosing: I personally picked this design myself because I like the simplistic elegance of the dress to match with the strapless cut that will truly compliment me. So far I haven't seen any other designs that can compare to this ebony exquisite dress. This dress was found on this site.

2. Bridesmaid dresses in black color:
I have chosen four dress designs to be my bridesmaid dresses at my wedding day

Reason for choosing: I just love the minimalistic design. It's simply fabulous!

Reason for choosing: The lace linings on the neck area suggest a more romantic and mysterious appeal, turning my bridesmaids into beautiful flock of women that will surround me on my big day.

Reason for choosing: Yes, it may look vintage and gothic (in some sense), but I do consider the fact that some of my bridesmaids are pretty conservative and I think they will appreciate this choice which is also as stunning as the other dresses.

Reason for choosing: I just love the pink lace accents that hug the body of the wearer, making them look slimmer and sexier. Aside from that, the embroidered crystal details act like a belt and creating an illusion that the dress is formed out of 2 outfits.

All of the 4 black bridesmaid dresses can be found here.

Do you think I made the right choice with these dresses that I have shown to you?

September 2013 Announcements

SM Accessories x Preview

Bring out the inner goddess in you by learning from this month's PREVIEW cover girl, Georgina Wilson! SM Accessories makes a big splash on this month's style pages on our favorite magazine. ♥

Make sure to visit SM Accessories today and shop from their fab collections! #FashionAuthority

Follow SM Accessories on Twitter and Instagram @smaccessories and like their Facebook page here.

Embro and Mod Prints Collection of FREEWAY

These days, it’s so hard to find the perfect outfit that will set you apart from the rest. And with upcoming holiday gatherings and parties, of course you’d want to shine and stand out. Freeway comes to the rescue with its specially made prints and treatments turned into unique designs, perfect for women who are trendsetters and fashion seekers. This time, Freeway comes out with its latest collections Embro and Mod Prints!

Released last August, Embro Prints is all about feminine styles with intricate embroidered detail. Those with a taste for a simple yet lovely look are sure to enjoy this collection. But if you opt for something bright and loud, Mod Prints will definitely do the trick. With its optically alluring patterns and 60’s inspired vibe, it’s all about having fun while looking fab.

Mod Prints was released in stores on September. With designs you can’t see anywhere else, Freeway is sure to help you make a fashion statement wherever you go.

For more information on Freeway's collections, visit their website here. You may also like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter and Instagram @FreewayOnline.

Ensembles x Vania Romoff for Young Designer Series Holiday 2013

Now on its 5th year, Ensembles is back with another budding fashion designer for its Young Designer Series 2013. Ensembles is all about the strong and independent woman with a style that’s fashion forward yet elegant.  That’s why this year’s collaboration with Vania Romoff is a perfect match. With her designs being predominantly classic and feminine, Vania’s design aesthetic is definitely fit for an Ensembles woman. Her collection is a variety of tops, dresses and jumpsuits featuring easy to wear pieces and key classics that are both functional and chic at the same time. As for the silhouettes, it is a showcase of simplistic lines and basic shapes flattering to a woman’s curves which is one of the highlights of Vania’s design persona. The collection is also a multitude of different trends and styles such as color blocking, prints and soft drapes presented in mostly subtle colors and neutrals, all capturing a woman’s grace, maturity and charm.

A fresh take on vintage was the highlight of the campaign shoot for Vania’s collection, complete with a classic yet fun styling featuring shoes from Janilyn. Described by Vania herself as a fresh yet timeless collection, her pieces will surely capture the attention of women of all sorts. Whether it is worn in the office, a smart casual affair or on a simple lovely day out, Vania’s pieces will definitely bring out any woman’s confidence and highlight their beauty. The Young Designer Series 2013 Collection featuring Vania Romoff is set to release in Ensembles stores nationwide this September!

For more information, please log on to or visit their Facebook page. You may also follow them on Twitter and Instagram @EnsemblesOnline.

Giordano's "Denim Now. Denim Forever"

Who among you here doesn't love denim? It's everyone's ultimate staple apparel! All trends come and go, but denims never fade. :)

Since it was invented in 1853, the sturdy fabric has been molded into different fits and styles - bellbottom, boot cut, bleached, washed, colored. And in celebration of this classic material, Giordano Philippines launches "Denim Now. Denim Forever".

In this collection, Giordano highlights the classic beauty of raw denim. "The dye is expected to fade gradually with continuous washing. This is one of raw denim's unique characteristics and it must not be considered as an imperfection," Ella Santos (Giordano Philippines Denim Category Buyer) said.

Giordano raw denim jeans come in two kinds of fits and styles: tight tapered and slim tapered for men, slim tapered and skinny straight for women.

Colored denim jeans, on the other hand, expresses fun, comfort and style. Similar to Giordano's legging jeans, the spandex content in these pieces allows wearers to move freely and comfortably. The jeans are available in 8 different colors - classic black, washed red, oxblood, mustard, blue turquoise, navy blue, dusty white and dark denim - in skinny tapered for women and tight tapered for men.

Pieces from the Giordano's "Denim Now. Denim Forever" are available in all Giordano stores nationwide at an affordable price of P999.00, starting August 23 until mid-September.

50% OFF on Crumpler Bags

Hey guys! Make sure not to miss this special offer! For all Security Bank Master Card and Diners Club Card Holders, you can get these Crumpler bags for 50% off until September 30, 2013:

♦ Western Lawn Splatter
♦ Barney Rustle Blanket Splatter
♦ The Hoax Splatter

This promo is available at all Crumpler stores: Shangri-La Plaza Mall, TriNoma, Robinsons Magnolia and Bonifacio High Street.

For more information and updates, check out Crumpler Philippines' Facebook page and Twitter account.

Street Style

Just recently, I discovered my love for oversized shirts and sweaters. I've been wanting to try out street style but I felt like I'm too girly for this trend. :p Wouldn't know the answer til I step out of my comfort zone, though! So when sent me this swanky NY shirt, I immediately donned it to a random chill day with my friends.

On me: shirt courtesy of | Mango shorts (old) | Trunkshow heels

This snapback from Crave More (thanks to mi love Christine) added more "swag" in this ensemble. Please appreciate my effort on this. I did my very best. Hahaha!

Loose batwing sleeves NY t-shirt from (buy it here)

Photos by Charls Uytanlet

Refreshing to bid bye bye to pastels and florals even for a while. Hehe! After all, it's always fun to venture and experiment with different styles! More shirts/sweaters/pullovers for Arnie, yes? ;)

Giveaway Alert: Mallow Bracelets + Outfit Post

Ahhh!! Finally putting up an outfit post after a week. Like what I've mentioned in my previous post, I'll make it up to you guys starting today. The weather has been dreadful these past few days and I know I'll feel ashamed if ever I'll conduct shoots in the middle of the Filipinos' tragedy. But now, keri na as we're all slowly recovering. And Raid My Closet's back to regular programming! Here's an outfit post and a giveaway to kick start the week! *wink wink*

I'll be sharing with you what I wore to the Hedgren Style Fair first. Decided to be on a hassle-free ensemble for a styling event so I can move around better and quickly. Apologies for the inconsistency of the photos, by the way! My memory card got corrupted just this morning and I was able to recover super few photos lang (mostly details lang ng outfitey nakuha)!! Huhu ang sakit sa puso!! Does anybody here know how to fix this? :'(

On me: lace top courtesy of SM GTW | high-waist shorts courtesy of Indie-go Boutique | shoes courtesy of Comfit

Spotted this lace top at Betty's area in SM GTW and I knew I had to get it! It's so me!! :) Also, it's a good thing it wasn't raining yet that day else I'll freeze. Ackkk! "What to wear" dilemma's getting harder; Mr. Sun shows up one moment and in a couple of hours it'll rain naman like there's no tomorrow!

Sporting another Indie-go Boutique garb! Really love this brand 'cause they have unique designs and they surely have something for every girl's style. Better check out their website now! They only have limited pieces so hurry!

Sky-high but I certainly felt comfortable walking with these babies courtesy of Comfit!

Cutesy accessories courtesy of Simone's Closet! I really admire the items made by Denise for they're handcrafted, made of fabric and one-of-a-kind. Nothing beats the original! Yun talaga! ;)

Now I know you've been waiting for this! Giveaway tiiime ♥ Simone's Closet and I will be giving away mallow bracelets to ten (10) lucky Raid My Closet readers! Simply follow these mechanics to qualify:

Easy, right? Hoping the winners could drop by and visit my booth this coming August 31 to September 1 at the Bazaar For All Season (details here) so I could hand you the prizes personally. Comment below if you can please. I'd love to meet you there! :)

This giveaway will run until August 29, Thursday.

Best of luck, loveys! Kisses xx

Sophie's Mom (McKinley branch)

I badly miss doing outfit posts!! :( But that's nothing compared to the problems most Filipinos experienced this crazy week. It was almost impossible to go out of the house because of the horrendous typhoon. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and our kababayans. Our country will recover soon!

Anyway, to brighten up everyone's mood, let me share with you some photos from a date I had with my friends at the #happyplace, Sophie's Mom. Whenever I'm at The Block or SM Megamall, I'd always go to their booth and buy some of their delightful pastries. Red velvet cupcakes FTW!!! ♥ So you can just imagine my excitement while we were on our way to their cafe at McKinley!

Sophie's Mom offers a wide selection of bread and pastries. Here's where I tasted the BEST Spanish bread ever!! Hahaha! Bought some for my parents that day and they loved it, too!

Dainty slash girly girls like me will definitely admire the interiors of Sophie's Mom! Cutesy and homey feel ♥

Of course, inavail ko na in umoutfitey nun! More about this look and the brands I wore here. :p

#clingstersmode with my love Ann

Got some Focaccia Bread (with cheese and mushroom), Spanish Bread, Dark Chocolate Tarts and more more cupcakes!! Sophie's Mom is absolutely a #happyplace ♥

See more photos in my Instagram account! Follow me if you still haven't: @listentoarnie

P.S. Will make bawi with outfit posts starting tomorrow! Promise yan! *wink wink*