Scenic Painting

Yoohoo!!! Finally putting up a new outfit post! Sobrang namiss ko 'to ♥ If you have noticed, my blog's filled with press releases and event posts these past few days. Last week was kinda rough for me; I was down with a fever, went through some stressful situations, felt lazy to move (almost never left my bed) and I didn't have time to shoot. But I think it's better na rin that I veered away from outfit posts for a while. You know I inject a lot of personal details going on in my life here, yet I was really emotionally damaged, I wouldn't want to fill this blog with negative rants. Positivity lang dapat tayo dito! :) Thankfully, everything's fine now. I guess sometimes we really have to experience pain so we'll learn from our mistakes and we'll be better and stronger next time. Things may not be perfect but I'm happy with where I'm at. God has bigger plans naman for all of us. We just have to wait. :)

On me: buttondown courtesy of Romwe | scenic painting umbrella skirt courtesy of Romwe

Wore this ensemble to the Giordano x Monsters University Event and the Max Factor Makeover Workshop two Saturdays ago, but I only got to shoot this yesterday. Sunday ha plus bonggang early morning yan hence my extra singkit eyes. Antokyo japan!!

The moment I saw this skirt from the collection of Romwe, I knew I had to have it! Too beautiful not to get ♥ My skirt gained a lot of sweet compliments that day, so I believe I totally made the right pick. *wink wink*

Samara cap toes in cherry courtesy of Yosi Samra Philippines

How do you love my new babies from Yosi Samra? ♥ Hope you have read my previous post about the brand! Please click here if you still haven't. I think I will be overusing this gorgeous pair. Definitely one of the comfiest shoes I own! Unlike your usual sandals, slippers or flats, YS shoes come with a pouch, so you can just fold up your pair and place it inside if in case you'll need to change into heels. #bloggerproblems minus 1! Lol

Photos by Charls Uytanlet

Let's have a week filled with good vibes, shall we? xx

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