Pinkbox's Pretty in Pink Event

3-year-old Arnie was one of those girly kids in playschool who'll wear colorful headbands, ribbon clips and pony tails. My Mom would exert effort in styling my hair everyday til I graduated in prep. Come grade school, I was enrolled in an institution with a strict dress code (including a rule where only black hair accessories are allowed). Do I have Marian readers here?? LOL I'm sure you girls can relate with this! :p I continued studying there til high school, so I got used to wear only simple accessories even outside SMC. Guess that's where I formed my love for minimalism! Haha!

Anyway, as I was trying to find out what my personal style is, my penchant for fancy accessories got rekindled. Years passed and I almost forgot how cute big bows and flowers are! I'm glad there's a brand which has everything the girly girls need! No other than Pinkbox! ♥

So you can just imagine how excited I was when I received an invitation to Pinkbox's event! It was held last Thursday (July 25) at Zarzuela in Shangri-La. Guests arrived in their most stylish pastel outfits, perfectly fit for the brand!

Here's the beautiful owner of Pinkbox, Ms. Nelly See, talking about how the brand started. Also, say hi to the very cute and bubbly host Karrots Nazareno! :)

The current design of Pinkbox stores nationwide has very colorful interiors. But now, Pinkbox is happy to announce that they'll be revamping their stores very soon! Check out the mood board to get a glimpse of their makeover (made by Heima). Super duper love it!! ♥

Here's Liz Lanuzo (beauty blogger and brand manager of Pinkbox) explaining more about the brand and their latest offers. Big thanks for having me, Liz!! :)

Along with Pinkbox's makeover, they also presented their newest brand ambassador. I personally believe she's so perfect to represent Pinkbox! Ready to see who she is? :)

No other than Verniece Enciso!! Go Verniece!!! :)

Ms. Nelly See, Verniece Enciso, Karrots Nazareno and Liz Lanuzo

Congratulations to the Pinkbox team for the successful event!! ♥

Take a peek on these cutesy things! All these and more are available at Pinkbox! Can you believe I spent more than an hour shopping at their TriNoma branch? I seriously want them all!! Hahaha!

Other than hair accessories, Pinkbox also has notepads and other pretty items that school girls will surely love! :)

You can also customize your bracelets, necklaces, bag tags, etc. here! Choose from their wide range of straps, symbols and letters ♥

Weee!!! "ARNIE" plus black thin strap :) Can't wait to wear this! I also got a "BLOG" bling for my bag! Planning to get another one, with probably "dream" or "inspire" words naman. What do you think? :)

Thank you so much to Pinkbox Accessories and Liz for having me and for these goodies! ♥

What's your favorite item from Pinkbox? I'd love to know! :)

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