Jeans Fest at SM City San Lazaro

I'm pretty sure you've heard of the #GetYourJeansOn month-long celebration pioneered by SM Supermalls. Everyone loves jeans 'cause they're comfortable to wear and they never really go out of style. So in line with the fun Jeans Festival, SM City San Lazaro held a couple of events over the past weekend. I was fortunate enough to have been invited by their team to yesterday's styling session (by Alexandra Lapa, a stylist and blogger friend of mine) followed by a fashion show.

Time for Alex to give tips about fashion and styling. Go girl!!! :)

I believe there's no right and wrong with fashion, really, as long as you're comfortable with what you're wearing. But there are styling tricks that might be useful for you guys, and Alex recommended some during her talk! In clothing, there are certain colors and cuts that can bring out the person's best features. It's important to know what your assets are 'cause they deserve to be emphasized!

Alex mentioned that men should have the following items in their wardrobe: good-fitting jeans, blazer, v-neck shirt, shoes and belt. Totally agree with the belt! For me, belts give extra oomph to the complete look of a guy. They'd appear better and more polished!

Now for the must-haves of women: good-fitting jeans, blazer and nude pumps. Yes,  (pointed) nude pumps are very important especially to girls who'd like to look classy... and tall. Such kind of shoes will give an illusion that your legs are longer. Okay, now you know the secret! :p

Before the event, by the way, Alex randomly chose 6 mall goers/shoppers for the live styling session.

After knowing the body type of the shoppers, Alex picked two sets of clothes for them.

Ready to see the transformation? :)

What a transformation! ♥ They're wearing clothes from Folded & Hung and Mossimo!

Second set! Clothes are still from Folded & Hung and Mossimo! :)

Eyeing on the chambray + shorts + cap combination (girl from first set) and the nautical-inspired ensemble - stripes over stripes - of the guy in the second set! They all look amazing! ♥ Any favorites? I'd love to know!

Congratulations dearest Alex Lapa! You did a great job, girl! :) Thank you so much to Ms. Carmela and SM City San Lazaro for having me in this event!

#Everything4DJeansLoveratSMCitySanLazaro #GetYourJeansOn this July!

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