13 Things To Do Before 2013 Ends

We're already going through the second half of the year. Sobrang bilis ng panahon 'no? Even if so much has happened to me over the past months, I know I still have a LOT of things to fulfill. I'm not sure if I've shared this with you before, but last January I actually made a "2013 Checklist" (yes, checklist not bucket list 'cause I'm not gonna die this year, lol). This morning, I stumbled upon a page on my poorly abandoned Starbucks planner where I wrote my 2013 Checklist and it made me realize I've only accomplished 3 things out of 13. Anyare!! Hahaha!

On me: dress from Apartment 8 Clothing | Trunkshow heels

Before I share with you the crazy things written on my 2013 Checklist, allow me to talk about my outfit first! :p I'm sure most of you have experienced a certain "love at first sight" moment with clothes. Wag i-deny! I've been there for a couple of times already, sumi-sleepless nights until I finally own the item/s. Fortunately I'm more mature now especially with my fashion-related decisions. I've learned to invest on classy/timeless pieces (clothes that I can probably wear even after years) and I'm trying my very best to veer away from impulse buys! #extrachallenge hahaha!

This dress from Apartment 8's totally for keeps! Wore this to the Tatt Awards Night 2013 event last week, by the way, and I can imagine myself wearing this again in the years to come (or even in the far far away future when I become a mom). Perfect 'to! ♥

Rustans clutch

On to my 2013 Checklist, shall we? Crossed out the items na nagawa ko na para may yehey naman kahit papano. Pag December 31, 2013 na, let's all go back to this post. Join force kayo pag di man lang ako maka-complete ng half dito! Hahaha!

13 Things To Do Before 2013 Ends

1. Graduate (with flying colors!!!)
2. Explore at least two (2) tourist destinations in the Philippines. Places I've never been to, outside Manila.
3. Visit another country.
4. Get a job that I want.
5. See/hug/ride/take photos with a camel.
6. Hug a mascot.
7. Workout and achieve abs!!! :p
8. Test drive my dream car.
9. Start my own business.
10. Watch a concert (and sing/cry my heart out, lol)
11. Have my own music video (hahahahaha)
12. Witness sunset at the beach.
13. Cook dinner for my family and friends.

No judging after seeing my checklist, please!!! Hahaha! Random and weird but I love love love camels, although it never really crossed my mind that I'll be able to hug one this year. That happened during our trip to Ilocos last February! I think I've blogged about that ganap din, browse niyo. :) Attainable naman pala talaga all our goals, just don't stop believing! ♥

Photos by Charls Uytanlet

I've got a few more months to do those silly things on my list! Never give up instead na ma-pressure!! :)

I'd love to know what's on your checklists/bucket lists, too! Share niyo rin sakin ha! :)

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