The Time Keeper

In all aspects of life, we have this tendency to be on a rush in everything that we do. We're always in a hurry, always looking to achieve a goal. Honestly, I'm someone who's afraid of stopping 'cause I fear that I might run out of time. Rushing too much that I often forget to savor and enjoy the little things around me. Do you feel the same way, too?

I just finished reading Mitch Albom's The Time Keeper (kaya rume-realize ng ganito haha) and it's such a nice book! If you haven't read it yet, please do! You'll definitely appreciate the real value of time. Highlighted some of my favorite lines while I was reading, share ko sa inyo later on! :)

On me: polka dot chiffon shirt courtesy of Persunmall | shorts courtesy of Miss Sixty Philippines | bow clips courtesy of Pinkbox Accessories | Casio watch | clutch courtesy of Suiteblanco | nude studded flats courtesy of SM Parisian

Notice I've been wearing bow clips lately? Ahhh! Tell me, how can you resist these cutesy hair accessories? Swear I'm getting more from Pinkbox! ♥

Chill ensemble for a Sunday shoot and bonding with my beloved "battery team" at McKinley. Pure love for this buttondown from Persunmall! Perfect for lazy days!

And as promised, here are some of my favorite lines from The Time Keeper.

"Try to imagine a life without timekeeping.
You probably can't. You know the month, the year, the day of the week. There is a clock on your wall or the dashboard of your car. You have a schedule, a calendar, a time for dinner or a movie.
Yet all around you, timekeeping is ignored. Birds are not late. A dog does not check its watch. Deer do not fret over passing birthdays.
Man alone measures time.
Man alone chimes the hour.
And, because of this, man alone suffers a paralyzing fear that no other creature endures.
A fear of time running out."

"He cried that night for all that he had lost, but he would say it taught him a valuable lesson: that holding on to things 'will only break your heart'."

"But a man who can take anything will find most things unsatisfying. And a man without memories is just a shell."

"We all yearn for what we have lost. But sometimes, we forget what we have."

"And Father Time said, 'You were never alone.'"

"Time is not something you give back. The very next moment may be an answer to your prayer. To deny that is to deny the most important part of the future."

"With no loss or sacrifice, we can't appreciate what we have."

"There is a reason God limits our days. 'Why?' To make each one precious."

"There was always a quest for more minutes, more hours, faster progress to accomplish more in each day. The simple joy of living between sunrises was gone."

"Fates are connected in ways we don't understand."

To better appreciate those lines, read The Time Keeper! ♥

Photos by Charls Uytanlet

Maybe it won't hurt if we'll slow down a bit and make it a point to appreciate life more. When you have no reason to be in a hurry, well, you know what I mean. Enjoy the taste of your food, the color of the things around you, creaminess of your coffee (hehe), lovely feeling when the wind touches your skin, butterflies... all those little things. :)

On another note, we're counting days til Raid My Closet's Meet & Greet!!!! Oh my ggg I'm super excited to see you guys!!!! Details in this post ♥

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Gummy Bears + Year 2 Giveaway (CLOSED)

While I was fixing my stuff for another round of closet sale, I had to browse through my old blog posts to get some photos so I won't need to take pictures of the clothes (again) anymore. Thanks to everyone who supported it, by the way!! I know you'll take good care of my beloved babies ♥ Looking back at my old posts made me realize I've been with Raid My Closet for 2 years already. Then I had another realization: I wouldn't have continued blogging if I didn't have you guys. I'm really grateful that you always stick with me no matter how crazy, happy, emo (hahaha), random I can get. Salamat for inspiring me! Group hug naman dyan!!! :)

Aaand while we're at it, remember I mentioned before that this July is my blog's second anniversary? Unlike last year's hullabaloo aka giveaway series, we'll be celebrating Raid My Closet's birthday through a mini meet and greet session! ♥ Been ironing things out for a month now, and I'm glad it's finally pushing through! Woopee!!! You'll see the details later in this post. Outfit muna! :p

On me: romper courtesy of Indie-go Boutique | bag from Queen Street Bags | nude studded flats courtesy of SM Parisian | Casio watch | ribbon clip courtesy of Pinkbox

Easy chic dressing for lazy days? Then go for rompers or jumpsuits! The one I'm wearing here comes in different colors and sizes (mine's the gummy bear design, nom nom nom), and you can grab yours at Indie-go Boutique's new website! Heard they're having an Indie Sale (up to 70% off on most of their items); make sure not to miss it! ;)

Guess I'm falling for cutesy hair accessories again! Don't you just love this ribbon clip from Pinkbox?? :) I'm surely collecting more!!

Here you go!! Details for Raid My Closet's 2nd Birthday Celebration:

What: Raid My Closet's 2nd Birthday (Meet & Greet Session)
When: August 3, 2013 | 2:00PM-4:00PM
Where: Tea 101 Tomas Morato branch

Drinks will be provided by Tea 101. There will be activities, too, like games (ala Minute To Win It, hahaha) and raffle draws. Loots bags (containing items courtesy of Anagon Collection, May Fashion Online Shop, Cesa, Simone's ClosetDonCha Pastries and Tea 101) will also be given away after this mini event.

10 Raid My Closet readers can join in this Meet and Greet session! Here's how:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Winners will be chosen via Rafflecopter. I'll be announcing my 10 "dates" (hehe) on August 1 (Thursday).

I'm extremely excited to see you guys!! Hope you'll help me make Raid My Closet's 2nd birthday memorable. This would mean the world to me ♥

Photos by Charls Uytanlet

Hugs and kisses!!! xx

Pinkbox's Pretty in Pink Event

3-year-old Arnie was one of those girly kids in playschool who'll wear colorful headbands, ribbon clips and pony tails. My Mom would exert effort in styling my hair everyday til I graduated in prep. Come grade school, I was enrolled in an institution with a strict dress code (including a rule where only black hair accessories are allowed). Do I have Marian readers here?? LOL I'm sure you girls can relate with this! :p I continued studying there til high school, so I got used to wear only simple accessories even outside SMC. Guess that's where I formed my love for minimalism! Haha!

Anyway, as I was trying to find out what my personal style is, my penchant for fancy accessories got rekindled. Years passed and I almost forgot how cute big bows and flowers are! I'm glad there's a brand which has everything the girly girls need! No other than Pinkbox! ♥

So you can just imagine how excited I was when I received an invitation to Pinkbox's event! It was held last Thursday (July 25) at Zarzuela in Shangri-La. Guests arrived in their most stylish pastel outfits, perfectly fit for the brand!

Here's the beautiful owner of Pinkbox, Ms. Nelly See, talking about how the brand started. Also, say hi to the very cute and bubbly host Karrots Nazareno! :)

The current design of Pinkbox stores nationwide has very colorful interiors. But now, Pinkbox is happy to announce that they'll be revamping their stores very soon! Check out the mood board to get a glimpse of their makeover (made by Heima). Super duper love it!! ♥

Here's Liz Lanuzo (beauty blogger and brand manager of Pinkbox) explaining more about the brand and their latest offers. Big thanks for having me, Liz!! :)

Along with Pinkbox's makeover, they also presented their newest brand ambassador. I personally believe she's so perfect to represent Pinkbox! Ready to see who she is? :)

No other than Verniece Enciso!! Go Verniece!!! :)

Ms. Nelly See, Verniece Enciso, Karrots Nazareno and Liz Lanuzo

Congratulations to the Pinkbox team for the successful event!! ♥

Take a peek on these cutesy things! All these and more are available at Pinkbox! Can you believe I spent more than an hour shopping at their TriNoma branch? I seriously want them all!! Hahaha!

Other than hair accessories, Pinkbox also has notepads and other pretty items that school girls will surely love! :)

You can also customize your bracelets, necklaces, bag tags, etc. here! Choose from their wide range of straps, symbols and letters ♥

Weee!!! "ARNIE" plus black thin strap :) Can't wait to wear this! I also got a "BLOG" bling for my bag! Planning to get another one, with probably "dream" or "inspire" words naman. What do you think? :)

Thank you so much to Pinkbox Accessories and Liz for having me and for these goodies! ♥

What's your favorite item from Pinkbox? I'd love to know! :)

Tinted RX Sunnies

Don't you just love tinted sunnies? They're highly fashionable and they can surely protect your eyes from the sun's glare. More excitingly, you can choose from a wide variety of colors/tints that are available in the market already! But of course, poor-sighted people shouldn't fret 'cause the renowned eyewear brand, Firmoo, offers tinted prescription sunglasses! If you have not tried this before, you can try to get your first pair for free of tinted prescription sunglasses at

If you already own a few pairs of eye glasses, think about a nice pair of prescription sunglasses that you can use for driving!

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July 2013 Announcements

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Teen Beach Movie on Disney Channel

Been a fan of Disney ever since! My closest friends actually know that I still watch a couple of shows there during my free time. Yes, even in Disney Junior. :p

Anyway, Disney's about to unleash a contemporary surf-rock musical entitled "Teen Beach Movie" this Sunday, August 4, 10:00AM on Disney Channel. The storyline depicts how 1960s sensibilities motivate a modern girl to affirm her capability, strengths and goals.

Made for kids age 6-14 and their families, the summer splash - "Teen Beach Movie" introduces confident, resilient surfer McKenzie and her carefree boyfriend, Brady, a fan of the retro surf musical movie, "Wet Side Story." On the morning of McKenzie's planned departure for boarding school, she and Brady catch one last epic wave which mysteriously carries them right into "Wet Side Story," circa 1962, where they meet Seacat, Giggles, Rascal and Cheechee, among others. Amidst the spontaneous song and dance, there's trouble in paradise -- it's bikers versus surfers for control of the local hangout, but Mack and Brady unwittingly interfere with the movie's star-crossed plot, one that would pair a surfer (teen matinee idol Tanner) and a biker (Lela, the sister of Butchy, the biker gang's leader). Typical of the teen beach movie genre, a kooky subplot has mad scientists Les Camembert and Dr. Fusion scheming to alter weather patterns and take over the local hangout -- and then the world.

Directed by Jeffrey Hornaday (Disney Channel's "Geek Charming," choreographer of "A Chorus Line," "Flashdance") and choreographed by Hornaday and Christopher Scott ("Lemonade Mouth," "Step Up 4"), the movie includes retro hairstyles and make-up (by Loida Jeannot and Dominique Borrell, respectively), richly-hued vintage wardrobe designed by Oscar nominee Ruth Carter ("Amistad," "Malcolm X") and other inspirations of the '60s. The score is by David Lawrence ("High School Musical"). The production design is by Mark Hofeling ("High School Musical").

The story is by Vince Marcello (director, featurette version of the off-Broadway musical "Zombie Prom," and "An American Girl: McKenna Shoots for the Stars") & Mark Landry, and the teleplay is by Marcello, Landry and Robert Horn (writer of "Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure," writer of Broadway's "13" and writer/producer of "Designing Women"). David Buelow ("Bring It On: Fight to the Finish") is the executive producer and Robert F. Phillips ("Teen Spirit," "Valkyrie") is the producer. "Teen Beach Movie" is a production of Rainforest Productions, LLC.

The movie stars Ross Lynch (Disney Channel's "Austin & Ally") as Brady, Maia Mitchell (ABC Family's "The Fosters") as McKenzie, Grace Phipps (ABC Family's "The Nine Lives of Chloe King") as Lela, Garrett Clayton as Tanner, John Deluca as Butchy, Chrissie Fit (ABC's "General Hospital") as Cheechee, Jordan Fisher as Seacat, Mollee Gray (Disney Channel's "High School Musical") as Giggles, Kent Boyd as Rascal, William T. Loftis as Lugnut, Jessica Lee Keller as Struts, Kevin Chamberlin (Disney Channel's "Jessie," Broadway's "The Addams Family") as Dr. Fusion and Steve Valentine (Disney Channel's "Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie," Disney XD's "I'm In The Band") as Les Camembert. Suzanne Cryer is Aunt Antoinette and Barry Bostwick makes a special appearance as Big Poppa.

SM Accessories: Pre-Fall Collections

Classic gold, grey and silver, romance of florals, teals and cutting-edge metal accessories for the ladies and denims plus shades of blue, brown and black for the gents! Don't you just love the Pre-Fall Collection of SM Accessories? You'll surely be captivated by the upcoming pieces of our favorite fashion authority! Icons Xian Lim, Georgina Wilson, Richard Gutierrez and Anne Curtis are the stars for this quarter's campaign and they have hand-picked some pieces from SM Accessories.

Definitely excited for these beautiful jewelries! They'll be available soon so make sure to visit SM Accessories at SM Stores nationwide!

50% OFF on Urbanears Tanto Headphones

Aside from coffee, internet or a good book to read, our best friend for this rainy season (and all other seasons actually) is music. You can further enjoy listening to your favorite songs with Urbanears, as they're offering 50% discount on their Tanto headphones. This promo is only available at Astrovision Glorietta 2 until supplies last.

FREEWAY Mixed Prints 2013 Lookbook

Before, rainy season entails dark, dull and dreary clothing. The world of fashion exclaims a whole different story now. What we need are pops of fresh colors and prints to brighten up our looks in this not-so-bright weather.

One of our most-loved brands, Freeway, can give you what you need! Florals are taking over as Freeway brings out a special collection featuring its own exclusive prints exuding the perfect balance of femininity, charm and allure. It consists of tops and dresses featuring simple silhouettes and styles with stunning prints made out of soft, loose and flowy material, all with that comfort stretch component. The prints are comprised of blossoms with a watercolor and painting effect, seemingly comparable to wearing a beautiful collage of roses, tulips, orchids and more on a canvass. As for the colors, a mixture of sweet colors such as pink, blue, yellow, red and green are used, very much like the hues you see on a beautiful garden. As for the footwear, complementing the collection’s soft and feminine theme are lovely shoes from Janylin and Muñiz.

Known for innovative ideas, Freeway first featured the renowned works of National Artists as a tribute to these legends through its National Artist Collectors' Series. Now, Freeway develops its own prints so that you can own that special item which you can't find anywhere else. Debuted in February this year, the line of own prints has been successful, prompting a development of more beautiful collection monthly.

This collection will surely add sunshine to your wardrobe, ready to chase away a gloomy day! Definitely something women can wear and style on a day-to-day basis whether in the workplace, a day out with friends, or on a romantic date night, Freeway's own exclusive Mixed Prints Collection embodies the qualities an empowered and graceful woman possesses.

Catch the Mixed Prints Collection at Freeway stores nationwide!

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