Something Different

Finally got some photos from the shoot that I had with my beloved Battery Team weeks ago! For this set, we didn't have a specific theme, but they made me look really different. Far from my usual sweet and dainty looks! And although I wasn't very confident seeing myself in ultra smokey eyes, bloody red lips and hair up with no bangs (hahaha), I trust Ann and Charls a lot. I'm amazed with the outcome of our shoot, and all the more happy that I was able to bond with them again. Love you Ann and Charls! We missed you, Bestie!! You guys are forever awesome! ♥

Arnie Villanueva version 2.0! Char!!! Hahaha bet niyo yang Monday paandar??

Before the end of our shoot, I asked them if we can have a few more shots with my bangs naman. Namiss ko agad sila. Hahaha! Certainly love how Ann does my makeup. If only I had her talent, everyday smokey eyes ang ganap ko! Check out her new Facebook page, by the way, and contact her if you want to get dolled up on your events/special occasions! :)

More photos soon! ;)

Photographer: Charls Uytanlet

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