Preppin' Up

Find out more about this look and the brands I'm wearing in my next outfit post! :)

Fact: It takes me approximately two hours to finish preppin' up before leaving the house.

I allot an hour to take a bath, then chop off the remaining 60 minutes for my skin regimen (aka my rituals, haha), drying and fixing my hair and dressing up. Perhaps it's also a good thing that I don't know how to apply makeup, because if I do, two hours might not be enough. Yes, I move like an annoying little turtle. But believe it or not, I try my best to move faster. I abhor waking up extremely early just to make it to my commitments (even to school when I was still studying) on time. Ackkk! Can anyone relate to this dilemma? Please raise your hands 'cause I don't want to feel alone here. :p

My preparation period also entails looking at myself in the mirror for a long time. I need to clinch that I look fine and decent before going out. Luckily now, almost everything around us can give us the chance to see our own reflections. We can glance on ourselves in a window, laptop screen, our mobile phone's camera or (for freaks!!!) even at the back of utensils. Some of us do it out of sheer vanity, while others merely want to monitor their looks because they're conscious.

From high school up to now, I would always make sure that I have a mirror in my pocket or bag. I do outfit shoots and encounter a lot of different people most of the time, so it's important for me to look at least satisfactory. Little things matter, like if you have lipstick stain on your teeth or if your hair's still okay. And in order for you to check your current appearance, Luxury and Fashion mirrors should come in handy. ;)

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