Miracle of Brow Resurrection from Browhaus

Before, I was always scared of the idea of threading my eyebrows. I've heard a lot of "horror stories" from people about their threading experiences from different salons, so I never really had the guts to try it. Whenever I have shoots, my makeup artists would shave the sabog parts in my brows, and after a couple of weeks, I wouldn't even bother refining them again. :p A few days ago, though, the Browhaus team invited me to try out their services. This one-stop brow and lash grooming salon is highly trusted by bloggers and some of my friends, anyway, and my poor brows badly needed a treatment, so I bravely said yes and confirmed my attendance.

Bloggers and press people gathered up last Thursday (June 20) at Browhaus Greenbelt for the event. Browhaus' latest offer called Brow Ressurection was the main highlight of the affair, but the team gave the guests the chance to choose among their wide range of services. Gonna talk about my pick later! :)

Spot the "We L♥ve Bloggers" posters!!! Kilig! :)

Yummy treats courtesy of Big Bad Wolf, Mrs. Fields and Sunshine Kitchen! Nom nom nom

Check out these submarine-inspired rooms inside Browhaus Greenbelt! Found out they have different themes in all their branches. So cute!! :)

Let's take a peek inside a room where Brow Resurrection 2.4's happening, shall we? :)

In a nutshell, Brow Resurrection 2.4 (BR 2.4) is a signature semi-permanent treatment that boasts a more detailed and natural stroke, finer than normal brow embroidery techniques. This is perfect for people with very thin to almost lifeless brows. Highly-trained brow technicians will basically resurrect and construct your ideal brow from root to tip. You'll surely achieve your best brows yet, with a skillful strand by strand design and long lasting dyes.

Here's Kassy Pajarillo, experiencing BR 2.4! According to her, she felt comfortable during the entire 90-minute process of BR 2.4. Aside from the seats which were made analogous to the seats on a Singapore Airline plane, the overall sensation that BR 2.4 gives is like a slight tickle, almost painless. Out of 10 customers, 9 could feel nothing at all!

Brow Resurrection costs P38,000.00 (for full brows) and P25,000.00 (for lengthening).

Aaand for my pick!! I chose the Classic Threading with Basic Brow Shaping (p580.00). My brow technician was Ms. Magda, and she was truly polite and accommodating! She introduced me the step-by-step procedure of this service, she'd do it gently and always see to it that I wouldn't feel pain as much as possible. Not sure if my tolerance for pain's high, 'cause to tell you the truth, I unexpectedly really didn't feel pain at all! ♥

Why do people experience discomfort and irritation after having threading services in other salons? I learned from Ms. Magda that those salons use threads for clothes naman pala! No wonder why clients feel hurt during and after the process. Unlike in Browhaus, they use threads specialized and made for the human body.

Products offered by Browhaus (and Strip)

Now we know who to trust! I totally love my newly groomed and shaped brows!! :)

Thank you so much to the Browhaus team and Mediaroom Inc. for having me! Definitely coming back to Browhaus soon ♥

For Browhaus updates and inquiries, visit their website here.

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