Date Night Tips

I've been getting a lot of emails/inquiries about date night outfit ideas. Yieee kayo ha!! :) Since you guys are spoiled to me, I've decided to share with you what I'll wear (most likely) if I'll be off for such kind of special affair. Will try to inject a few tips, too, so make sure to take notes! :p

On me: dress courtesy of Romwe | bow belt courtesy of Romwe | minimalist heels from Trunkshow | Casio watch | clutch courtesy of Suiteblanco

First impressions last. Although I don't fully agree with this saying ('cause I believe in second chances, hehe), I think it matters for your first date. You've only got one chance to make a first impression so make sure to look your best! Show the real YOU, of course! As for me, I'd wear a simple flowy dress, cinch it at my waist with a thin bow belt to make it look more flattering and stylish. Sweet, feminine, simple and classy - those are the traits that I would want to instill to him. :) Also, if you want to gain respect, avoid showing off too much skin.

Red is already a statement color, so I don't think there's a need for us to excessorize anymore. Appear sophisticated with minimal accessories in gold.

Don't forget to bring a bag, purse or clutch with you, by the way! Make sure it's small lang (para di hassle to carry around) but will fit your makeup retouch essentials like powder, lipstick and compact mirror, your hanky, mobile phone/s, cash and (important!!!) breath mints. :)

This purse courtesy of Suiteblanco's surely a date night must-have! Love its color and design! ♥

Now, for your shoes. My guy friends once told me that they think girls look extra sexy and irresistible when they wear heels. Couldn't agree more! Mas sulit tuloy tiis-ganda moments! Haha! There's one rule, though, that we should keep in mind when we shop for date night shoes. Make sure you can walk in them! You'll look less attractive if you keep trippin' with your pair all night long. Nakaka-haggard yan! Haha!

Perfect example of date night shoes? These minimalist ankle strap peep-toes from Trunkshow Manila! They look sexy but extremely comfy,  you can walk with them for hours! :)

Photos by Charls Uytanlet

Think you're complete with your date night necessities? Not yet 'til you wear your most genuine smile ever!! *wink wink*

That's it for my not-so-pro tips, haha! Gonna share more soon! :)

Best of luck and let me know your date night stories (yay or nay moments). I'd love to know! ♥

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