Bloggers United 5 Photodiary

Can't help but go all sentimental after the recently concluded Bloggers United 5. I've been sharing to you guys almost everything that happens in my life (whether they may be fashion-related, about my personal life, or just random ramblings) for almost 2 years already. Raid My Closet's turning 2 this coming July, by the way!! Weee! :) Generally, though, I've been blogging for 7 years now. Hashtag throwbackthursday to Multiply, Xanga, Tumblr and Weebly!! Aminin niyo gumamit din kayo nyan! Hahaha! But my previous blogs were just personal, solely for my free-flowing thoughts, treated like diaries.

Then I started to establish Raid My Closet. I love dressing up and I wanted to document my "OOTDs" hence I decided to make this blog. Aside from maybe Laureen Uy and Camille Co, I didn't know any other bloggers that time. And then events came up, that's where I got to meet my peers now from our blog family. I haven't encountered them yet before I started blogging, and I'm really glad and thankful that I met them 'cause I gained friends for keeps. I can certainly trust them about anything! There's a special bond that ties us altogether, I don't know what, pero ibang klase! :)

And of course, I wouldn't forget my dearest readers. Mga matitiyagang nagbabasa dito! Haha I love you guys. And I wouldn't be this inspired to continue blogging without you. Raid My Closet is actually an extension of my life, and I'm grateful to God that, in a way, I was able to touch the lives of others that I've never even met yet. Di sapat ang thank you's ko to everyone. But really, all your tweets/messages/comments brighten up my days and masaya ako natutulog dahil senyo! THANK YOU for being my sweethearts and for appreciating me and my humble efforts. THE BEST KAYO! ♥

Okay, this post is getting lengthy, sana di kayo nainip! Hahaha chumi-chika lang ng very very light! Mabalik tayo. Since I wasn't able to bring my cam during Bloggers United 5, decided to take photos using my iPad and compile the pictures you sent me after BU5 na lang! Bilang kayo rin naman talaga dapat bida dito! :)

Before leaving the house last Saturday, I made this little Raid My Closet signage for my booth. Bilang baka di niyo ako ma-sight masyado 'cause I was manning the registration area, too, eto! :)

Brought these to SMX! Ready to sell! :)

Here's my super supportive Mommy, by the way! She took care of all my paninda, very generous si Mommy if you bought some items from me. Bagsak presyo levels! Hahaha! Wasn't able to take a snapshot of my rack and table nung puno pa sila. Dito you'll see halos wiz uy na! YEHEY! I love you guys!!! Thank you to everyone who raided my closet! Mehehe *wink wink*

Aaand here are some of our photos!! :)

If you guys have pahabol photos, go tweet/IG them to me (@listentoarnie) ♥ Would love to include our photos here!


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