SM Bowling Center Opens at SM Southmall

Journeyed down south last Thursday morning with the Full Circle Communications team for the opening of SM Bowling Center at SM Southmall. Days prior to the event, I was hesitant to go because SM Southmall's super duper far from where I live (North people can relate to this, haha) but the people from Full Circle Comms were so kind enough to fetch me near my place. Huge thanks and hugs to Ms. Mel, Ms. Angel and Sir Genson! They're definitely one of my favorite PR teams!! ♥

So anyway, we left our meeting place around 9AM. We arrived just in time for the 11AM event. The program started after a couple of minutes, with a welcome message from Mr. Bonifacio Solis, the division head of SM Bowling, followed by the ribbon cutting.

Yay! SM Bowling Center is now officially open at SM Southmall!

Blessing and tossing of coins

Before trying out the wide array of games that SM Bowling Center offers, we feasted on lunch first prepared by Racks. Nom nom nom!

Aaand the game begins in 3... 2... 1...

First game: Bowling

Of course, it's already instinctive for everyone to try out bowling first. I'm honestly a "newbie" to this game, so I had no idea on how to properly play it or if there are techniques or whatever. Haha!

No judging for us in this game!! Haha Ana and I are bowling rookies :p

Sobra sobra sobrang fun nito talaga!! To me, bowling seemed intimidating before. Pero super na-enjoy ko 'to! I suddenly missed my high school friends and crazy college buddies. For sure, we'll have a blast dito.

Second game: Battle Sea

We took a break from bowling by playing Battle Sea. Kaaliw din dito! Kalurks ang war-la with other ships plus the chair's moving with you pa!

PS3 Gaming Stations

Di namin na-try ni Ana here, but there are actually 20 PS3 gaming stations inside SM Bowling Center, too! :)

Third game: Arcades

I've always loved playing arcade games. My friends and I would hit Timezone pa nung high school for car racing, barilan, basketball or Pang Pang Paradise (alam niyo yon? Hahahaha). So when I found out that SM Bowling Center isn't only limited to bowling games, but this and more activities that they offer, the place really became close to my heart!

Guitar Freaks with big sis! Pwede na ba kami gumawa ng band? :p

Shocks. I forgot the name of this arcade game. But barilan siya. And in all fairness to the guns that we used, they're so heavy and they seem legit. Feel na feel namin ni Ana mag-firing! Hahaha

Basketball's definitely present, too! Winner si Ana dito, her score was 100+ hahaha! Inspired by Jic ba naman? Mehehe :p

Fourth game: Billiards

When I was younger, I've tried playing billiards, but it was never my thing. I can't even remember the last time I came this close to a pool table. Buti na lang Ana still knows the game, she taught me the basics and refreshed ng konti.

No guys. Photos can really be deceiving. Hahaha! Wala kaming napala sa billiards. Picture-picture lang! We had a few attempts, though, but wiz uy yata talaga kami dito.

There's also a bar inside SM Bowling Center. If ever you'll get hungry or you'll be needing some refreshments, no need na to go outside! Like example, that day, they gave us popcorns and bottled iced teas! Perfect, right? :)

Fifth game: Kinect

Oh my gosh!!! Favorite game ever!!! :) I always see my cousins play Kinect but they're all kids and I don't want to ruin their enjoyment. Good thing SM Bowling Center has Kinect Consoles! We were able to try it, finally!!! ♥

Hashtag OOTD, chos!! Haha here we are before the first Kinect game that we tried. Kaloka napagod kami with the adventure-type game na pina-try sa amin. We felt like we were really at the river, riding our boat, jumping up and down maiwasan lang yung obstacles. Hahaha! Tiring but it was so much fun! :)

We also danced sa Kinect ala-One Direction. Hahaha! Four of us (me, Ana, Sir Genson and Sir Bhel) participated in this What Makes You Beautiful by 1D dance number. Hahaha! In fairness to the steps, di lang sila basics, may mga complicated ones din. But since we were competitive, nasundan namin. Uuy! Haha! We were all sweating after. Pwedeng pang-workout 'to!

Ana and I rested and had coffee at Starbucks for a while after playing almost everything sa SM Bowling Center. Love you big sis!! Kwentuhan galore but bitin because of the limited time that we had. It was already past 4PM and our all-access privilege will be gone by 5PM. Haha avail na namin lahat syempre!

Sixth game: Karaoke

We've been wanting to enter the karaoke area but never na-empty the two rooms 'til that hour. Sa wakas!!! Hahaha! Bilang singers talaga kami ni Ana more than anything else (what???) di namin pinalampas 'to!

Panay duet kami ni Ana. We started by singing Lucky, tribute na rin to the recently concluded Jason Mraz concert (hahaha). We sang a lot, actually. Madaming "last na 'to" promises, haha! But our main favorite talaga was our rendition of Mariah Carey's Through The Rain. Hahahaha! OMG I can still clearly remember our moment. Hello Araneta bumirit! Concert levels! Hahaha sayang walang video. :( Lol!

Hi Sir Genson, Ms. Mel and Ms. Angel (na singer talaga, yung legit not like me and Ana, hahaha) ♥ We love you guys!!

It was time to leave, and sobrang nabitin ako. One afternoon isn't enough for all the awesome activities that you can do at SM Bowling Center. This event's definitely one for the books! I'll surely bring my friends here (or probably at the MOA branch para nearer, hehe). But for South people, you guys are lucky to have such kind of gaming center at SM Southmall.

Photo grabbed from SM Bowling Center

Thank you so much to SM Bowling Center for having us! We had such an amazing afternoon! And also for the real bowling pins you gave us! Super love it ♥ Coming back for sure!

I'd also like to thank Full Circle Comms for trusting me and Ana with this event, most especially for taking good care of me the entire day! I've mentioned earlier that they fetched me before the event, right? Not only that! They also gave me a ride back home. :') It means a lot to me, really! So thank you to Ms. Mel, Ms. Angel and Sir Genson for being extra kind to me! Wishing Full Circle Comms all the best. You guys deserve the success you're having! ♥

So if you want to have a day filled with nonstop fun and games, SM Bowling Center is the place to go to! :) Visit them at SM Mall of Asia, SM North EDSA, SM Southmall, SM City Fairview, SM Center Valenzuela, SM City Cebu and SM Lanang.

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