Overnight at La Breza Hotel

Thank goodness that my big sis Ana and I are both very optimistic and game about anything! If not, kung nasa Trinoma kayo around lunch time last May 3, you would've seen us crash and our hearts fall into pieces. Hahaha! Days before our supposedly hotel staycation, we were both very excited na and prepared ng bongga for it. We bought new stuff, said no to numerous events, cancelled meetings, packed clothes good for one week (even if we're only staying overnight hehe) - all those and more sacrifices. Ana and I were on our way to our meeting place already, you can just imagine us carrying sobrang heavy bags and commute lang ha, then minutes before the call time, we received a last minute cancellation message from the hotel. Swear naiyak ako. I didn't know what to do.

Photo grabbed from Ana

Big sis and I spent an hour or so at Coffee Bean to calm ourselves down and to think of a backup plan. Sayang ang weekend and we wouldn't want to waste it. Hello!! We gave up so much for this talaga and yung mga bagahe namin ilang kilos na yon! :( Hahaha!

Since we don't have hotspot on our phones and down ang wifi at Coffee Bean (mamalasin nga naman, hahaha) we decided to rent PC units at an internet shop inside the mall. Yes, bitbit pa rin bagahe! Haha! I don't know if nababaliw na ba kami that time or sadyang adventurous lang talaga, we even thought of going to La Union to follow Ana's potential jowa hahaha for surfing, or even Bulacan/Batangas na lang makapag-swim lang! Jusko!!

Long story short, umuwi na lang kami. Char! We tried our luck at La Breza Hotel, conveniently located along Mother Ignacia Ave. Got our room on a discounted price, too, with so many inclusions. Thank God! Avail agad! :)

Our suite was really huge and spacious, with a welcome area, 2 beds, terrace and bathroom.

Nom nom nom! Late lunch at Cafe La Breza. In all fairness, I loved their Tapsilog! :)

We proceeded to the recreation area afterwards. Alam niyo ba that one of the reasons why we chose to stay at La Breza ay dahil sa pool at gym area? :) Haha cray cray, but we tried to call other hotels while we were at the internet shop pa but either under maintenance yung pool nila or walang gym.

We weren't able to try their fitness center, though, 'cause daming tao inside. #ProjectSexy2013 for them! Hehe!

Poolside chillin' :p 

Huhu galing ni big sis mag-swim! Isa pa 'tong di ko kaya gawin aside from biking! Ackkk what's wrong with me!! Hahaha

Matapos ang few attempts of floating, Ana taught me some yoga poses. Easier to balance talaga pag nasa pool! Super enjoy!! Hahaha!

Photo grabbed from Ana

After a deep heart-to-heart talk (naks!!!) with Ana, Niche finally came and we headed to Mezza Norte for dinner. More more bonding with Niche, Kelly and Ana!

Kelly drove us back to La Breza around midnight. Thanks love! But di natapos dun ang araw namin ni big sis. Hahaha! We spent hours enjoying the lobby wifi, stalking, exchanging stories at sobrang tawanan! Inabot kami halos 2AM doing those!

NEXT DAY!!!! :)

We went down to Cafe La Breza for breakfast at around 8:30AM! Good morning big sis!! :)

Nom nom nom

Prepared for our checkout (12NN) na rin and I agree with Ana na sume-separation anxiety mode kami! Although napagastos kami and bitin with our staycation, we had so much fun!! :) Many thanks to La Breza Hotel for adopting us!

I have no regrets of saying yes to this spontaneous experience! I enjoyed our stay at La Breza and had the chance to know more about Ana.  I'm an only child (for those who do not know yet) and I've always wanted to have a big sister. Someone ready na mauna sumilip around the room 'cause she knows I'm not brave, yung magki-keep ng keys and other important stuff kasi I tend to be forgetful, someone who's always there and ready to make chika and give me advice about anything in the world. Super glad and thankful that Ana's like this to me. Love you big sis! ♥


A N A G O N said...

Natawa ako sa brave to look around the room first hehehehe... Trying hard lang lalo if alam kong mas takot yung kasama ko :) Ang saya pala talaga nito little sis! :) Sa uulitin a! :)

PS: Laugh trip floating pic ko hahahaha ;D F na F ko yan ! ;D

AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

aww saya!:) I'm glad despite the initial bad turn out, ginawa niyong positive day!:)

Carissa Osis said...

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