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My parents love inviting guests at home - may it be my high school barkadacollege buddies, Dad's officemates, Mom's friends, our relatives and other close peers. They enjoy preparing and cooking for our visitors, and probably that's one of the reasons why people keep on coming back to our humble home. But can I tell you a little secret? There's something else that we set up to preserve great ambiance in our sanctuary. ;)

I'm sure you're familiar with air fresheners. Many of us rely on them to give our homes a refreshing scent. With the rise of brands offering various aerosol products, our family trusts (and can vouch for) Glade. Back when I was still young and up to now, we use Glade air sprays and car gels. We make sure we have those all the time!

Now, Glade recently released another very significant product line, the Glade Sensations Bathroom with refill variants. It's very versatile and capable of eliminating unwanted smell dawdling in your bathroom. Definitely a must-have!

Glade Sensations Bathroom has odor elimination and releases a delightful and long-lasting fragrance. Its freshness will bring a smile to your bathroom for up to 60 days. Very optimal and cost-effective with just a price of about P108.00 only!

As I've mentioned earlier, this product line has refill variants. You can choose from these Sensations Refill options: Lemon, Lavander, Ocean Escape, Morning Freshness, Jasmine and I Love You.

Cute and catchy names, right? ♥ Get whatever from the options that'll suit your mood and place it on your Sensations Bathroom/holder! Also really affordable at P80.00/refill!

This new line from Glade gives good value for money because you'll only need to buy the starter kit (Glade Sensations Bathroom Lavander or Lemon). For your succeeding usage of Sensations Bathroom, you just have to select and buy the refills.  :)

This product is absolutely easy to use! Just peel off the Sensations Refill back panel and place it inside the holder. Remember that the peeled off portion should be facing the holes.

Opted to try out the Lemon Sensations Refill first because it's our family's favorite scent from our usual Glade air freshener and car gel. Rejuvenating!! :)

The holder, by the way, is stable enough and has a free stick-on adhesive at the back panel. You can either hook or attach it to the wall, depends on your liking and your bathroom interior.

You can place it, too, at the toilet area. Fresh and clean all day long!

Additionally, I love this product for its sleek design! ♥

You can actually put this anywhere! Although it's primarily made for bathrooms, in my opinion, it'll still look nice even when placed on other parts of the house:

... or even to your rooms:

Scents don't just help remain a house smelling great. They can have an impact on the mood of anyone! And with Glade, we're now more confident to welcome more guests at home! :) So if I were you, I would avail Glade Sensations Bathroom and Glade Sensations Refill!

You can buy Glade Sensations Bathroom (P108.00) and Glade Sensations Refill (P80.00) in all leading supermarkets nationwide!

About Glade:
Glade is the leading brand of air freshener being sold in various territories worldwide. Its family of products includes household and car air fresheners.

Glade is a product of S.C. Johnson. S.C. Johnson is a leading FMCG company engaged in the manufacture and marketing of household care products. The following are among the other brands produced and owned by S.C. Johnson:
♦ Baygon
♦ OFF!
♦ Mr. Muscle
♦ Pledge

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