Anne Curtis for Belo Essentials Beauty Deo

After my shoot last Saturday, I went straight to Trinoma for the launch of Belo Essentials Beauty Deo featuring Anne Curtis as this line's endorser. Got so overwhelmed with the beautiful stage setup and the crowd around the activity center! :)

With my blog friends Paul, Ana and Ava

Christian Bautista went onstage after a couple of minutes as a singer and host for the event!

It was finally time to unveil Belo's new product line and endorser!

Indeed a jaw-dropping Old Hollywood-inspired production number!! Check out the gorgeous Ferrari, too! ;)

No questions asked! For me, Anne Curtis is the perfect choice for this beauty deo. She's very confident and elegant, plus her armpits have a Facebook page! :p

Anne has been with Belo since she first entered showbiz as a teen star. She said she grew up with Belo and they've taken care of all her beauty needs since puberty. Additionally, it was easy for her to find the perfect products and services from Belo because of their wide-range offers.

Of course, Anne Curtis' stay at the event won't be complete without a song number! Haha I super love her talaga!! We all got LSS-ed with "Diamonds" after her performance. Up to dinner time, actually. The best!! Hahaha

Cristalle Belo Henares and Dr. Vicki Belo joined Anne and Christian onstage to talk more about the product. This Beauty Deo (classic roll on and spray) addresses to all underarm issues that most women worry about. It works as an anti-perspirant, effectively whitens dark areas, smoothens skin by minimizing pores and chicken skin, and does not leave a sticky feeling after application. Exactly what ladies need! :)

Best package ever!! I've been eyeing on this small vintage luggage for quite some time already (my friends know that) and surprisingly, the Belo team gave this along with some products! Woopee!! ♥

Thank you so much to Paul and Belo Medical Group for inviting me to this awesome event! :)


AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

winner talaga ang kili kili fanpage! hahah! and yey for our cute paris luggage!

Carissa Osis said...

hi, you might wanna check out some fabulous fashionable pieces at

Unknown said...

I agree! that is the best package ever! ang ganda sobra tapos pwede pang magamit! Fashyown! Noiiceeee! :))