Impactology for Tech21

When it comes to taking care of gadgets, my OC self tends to show up a little. I make sure that they're always covered with screen protector and cases, frequently wipe them with a clean cloth (thumb marks, finger prints, scratches = pet peeves, ackkk!!) and I won't allow people with dirty/wet hands touch them. My friends can attest to that! :p Aside from considering the prints or colors of the cases, I always check if they can give my gadgets utmost protection. So if you're as heedful as I am, then you should check out the latest offers of Tech21 Philippines!

Ramen fix!!!! Nom nom nom :) Tech21 launched their products and "Impactology" at Ramen Bar (Robinsons Magnolia) last May 27. After the Dr. Kong event, my blog fam and I proceeded here.

These aren't like the typical gadget cases you see everywhere. Impactology is present in these products, and Tech21 is the only brand dedicated enough to turn protection into more than just a veneer.

Impactology actually has a secret ingredient: the D30 Impact Material. It's composed of a non-Newtonian polymer with an intelligent molecular structure. Something adopted worldwide by the military for its power in impact protection on the battlefield! So you're rest assured that your gadgets attain the highest standard of protection! Exactly what we need, right? :)

Check out this price list:

iPhone 5
♦ Impact Maze - P1,250.00
♦ Impact Snap with Cover - P1,450.00
♦ Impact Band - P1,200.00
♦ Impact Shell - P1,250.00
♦ Special Ops Patrol - P2,000.00

iPad Mini
♦ Impact Mesh - P1,250.00
♦ Impact Snap with Cover - P1,650.00
♦ Impact Folio Leather - P1,850.00

Samsung Galaxy S4
♦ Impact Snap with Cover - P1,450.00
♦ Impact Shell - P1,250.00
♦ Impact Snap - P950

You can purchase these in the following stores:
Astroplus | Astrovision | Beyond the Box | Banana Telecom | Complink | DigiHub | Digital Arena | Digital Hub | Digital Walker | E-Central | Games and Gadgets | Graphic All In | iCon | iGig | iStore | iStudio | Microstation | Mobile 1 | R.O.X. | Senco Link | Switch | Technoholics | The Inbox Store | Vertex

Thank you so much to Paul and Tech21 Philippines for having us! Surely going to get an iPad mini case from Tech21 soon! I now know which brand to trust! ;)

Dr. Kong (Comfort and Healthy Shoes) Philippines Event

If my feet can talk, they would probably get mad at me and complain about my carelessness when it comes to them. :p I wear heels for hours almost everyday and I also don't get to take them out for a "spa date" regularly. I'm deeply sorry, dearest abused feet. :'( Thankfully, though, I found a new way to keep them happy and healthy even if I'll spend the entire day outside! It's none other than Dr. Kong (Comfort and Healthy Shoes) Philippines! ♥

Attended the event of Dr. Kong Philippines at Guevarra's by Chef Laudico last Monday, May 27. The rain was intense that afternoon, but the blog fam and I were able to reach the event safely! Haha! All thanks to Paul for the ride! :)

When we got there, the talk was just about to start. Here's Mr. Ronald Chow, Business Development General Manager (BSc. Hons in Prosthetics and Orthotics).

Mr. Raymond Ng Kwan Ying, the current Vice President of Dr. Kong Holdings Ltd., tackling about more about the brand and its benefits to people.

Aside from the ultra comfortable ready-to-wear shoes that the brand offers, they also provide a unique "Check & Fit" foot examination service at no extra cost to educate customers about their feet condition and recommend the suitable Dr. Kong standard insoles that they can use for their shoes. Here's the Check & Fit machine:

According to statistics, 75% to 80% of the adult population has some form of foot problems and unfortunately, most people do not seek advice on it. Guilty about this! Hehe! :p But as we age, if we will continue neglecting our feet, we might suffer from hip and lower back pain, arthritis, diabetes, and more that can hinder us from doing our daily activities (even work).

Also, women have four times as many foot problems as men because we've all been wearing high heels and pointy toe shoes. If we are experiencing pain or discomfort in our ankles, knees or hip joints, don't you think the direct cause may be the result of ill-fitting shoes?

Here are some of Dr. Kong's ready-to-wear shoes. Your entire family will surely enjoy choosing from these pairs! They have Baby Basic Steps 1, 2, 3, Children's Casual and Sports Shoes, Back to School Shoes, Men and Women Casual Shoes, Adult Sport Shoes, Nursing Shoes, Sandals, Accessories (orthotic insoles for support and comfort), and some more Foot & Shoe Care products.

These are also perfect for professions related to the hospitality industry, airline crews and nursing! As a BS Tourism graduate, I certainly know how helpful these shoes can be! ;)

All Dr. Kong's insole products have fulfilled the international safety standards having undergone tests from SGS, LFGB, TUB and SATRA. The products do not contain heavy metal and harmful chemicals; is safe to the skin and does not cause allergic reactions.

Thank you so much to Paul and Dr. Kong (Comfort and Healthy Shoes) Philippines for having us! :)

Visit them at these branches:
♦ 3rd level, The Gallery of Robinsons Galleria
♦ 2nd level, Robinsons Magnolia
♦ 3rd level, Robinsons Place Manila
♦ GF Sekai Center Building Greenhills, San Juan
♦ 3rd level, SM Aura Premier

Law of Attraction

Trying to make the most out of the remaining days of summer, not just vacation-wise but in terms of dressing up, too! The weather's starting to act weird and unpredictable lately which makes it harder for me to choose what to don for the entire day. And honestly, I don't like it when it's raining :( There's something with the rain that makes me feel sad and lazy, not to mention how hassle sa muscle it is to go out and shoot outfits, and the fear that some people don't have stable shelters to keep them safe whenever it pours hard. Scary and devastating. Can't it be summer na lang all year round? Hehe!

Erase sad thoughts for now!! This blog only welcomes positive and happy vibes! :) Let me share with you an outfit that you might be interested to wear on bright and sunny days.

On me: romper from Forever 21 | belt from SM Accessories | watch from Aldo | hat courtesy of Romwe | bag gifted from Belo Essentials

Wore this to the first day of PFW (watched the SM Ladies' Fashion and Parisian show) and Superb Bazaar visit. I'm sure I'd be wearing this romper again anytime soon! It's so perfect for lunch/picnic dates or to a spontaneous day trip with friends! ♥

These two items are very special to me, by the way! This watch from Aldo was my dear friend Jean's graduation gift for me. Thank you, deary! Love you!! :) She said this watch was "so Arnie", haha I couldn't agree more!

This bag, however, was from law of attraction! Kidding! :p I've been eyeing on this bag for so long, you know. Whenever I go to malls, I make sure to pass by this certain boutique that sells cutesy items like this one. I remember dragging my Mom, Niche or Charls to that area just to show them this lovable piece. They're witnesses to my frustration! Haha! So you can just imagine my joy the moment I received this!! ♥ Remember the Anne Curtis for Belo event I've blogged weeks ago? The Belo team gave this bag to us after the launch. Didn't expect this, really!! :) Proved to my friends that law of attraction certainly works. Hahaha! You just have to believe! ;)

Photos by Charls Uytanlet

Hope you enjoyed today's post! Spread the love and positive vibes! xx

Full Blast

Finally back to blogging outfit photos!! I really missed this! :) These past few days, I've been trying to eliminate my backlogs from events and press releases. Glad I'm done with them now! ♥ So anymoo, today you'll be seeing what I wore to the launch of Forever 21 at SM Aura Premier. Decided to be on a full blast Forever 21 ensemble to show my love and support for another momentous event of one of my favorite brands!

On me: sequined corset, gold skirt and pumps from Forever 21 | blazer courtesy of Romwe

Wasn't able to take outfit photos during the event because SM Aura Premier was jam-packed with people! Not exaggerating! It was super hard to find an empty spot so I had to re-shoot days after.

Thank you so much to for this feature! ♥ This was taken during the event. You might notice that my hair's curly here and I was wearing flats. I had to change after the fashion show 'cause we were ushered to the two-leveled store to explore and shop! Girls go shopping for hours, you know! I didn't want my feet to die! Hehe! :p

Photos by Charls Uytanlet

That's it for today's post! Please don't forget to join my Bloggers United 5 giveaway! The bazaar's happening this coming June 1, Saturday. Mark your calendars!! See you there xx

Giveaway Alert: Bloggers United 5 Tickets (CLOSED)

Our favorite bazaar's here once more! We're all set for the fifth installment of a bigger and better Bloggers United! ♥

Get ready for another round of intense shopping experience as 60+ of Manila's top fashion bloggers open their closets once again in a big bazaar this June 1, from 10AM to 8PM, at our BETTER venue, the SMX Convention Center Function Room 3! Bloggers United gets even BIGGER with our partner bazaar The Great Luxe Sale of Mall of Asia and SMX, happening from May 31 to June 2 at the SMX Hall 1.

Celebrity bloggers Divine Lee, Victor Basa, Nicole Anderson, and Maggie Wilson will all grace the event, and guest international blogger Maya Kibbel of Elle Girl Japan will also be there!

Here are the things that you should expect at BU5:

♦ Great finds for less, perfect for revamping your look as another school year starts!
♦ Meet and interact with style bloggers and online friends!
♦ Contribute to Bloggers United 5's partner charity Diksyonaryo Atbp ( You can bring your old books as we will accept donations at the registration booth!
♦ Lots of games, music and other exciting surprises from our BU5 partners!

And because I wouldn't want you guys to miss this exciting event, I'm giving away passes to TEN (10) lucky Raid My Closet readers! :) Simply do the following:

This giveaway will run until May 30, 2013 (Thursday).
I'd love to meet you there!!! ♥ Best of luck, loveys!

Don't forget to charge your cameras, stash some extra cash, and dress your best as we celebrate another day of personal style and expression! Tickets are available for P100 in all SM Cinemas nationwide, and at the event venue. Use GCASH to purchase your tickets on June 1 to get 50% discount, plus awesome freebies!

For more information and updates, follow Bloggers United on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Don't forget to use the hashtag: #BU5

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Favorite Items from Persunmall

Whenever I feel stressed out, I try to get away with it by blogging, eating my heart out and satisfying myself with some retail therapy. But unfortunately, I don't have all the time in the world to venture malls, so thank heavens for the rise of online shops! :) You can shop anytime of the day (I actually do, even during midnight, haha)! :p

A few days ago, I got introduced to Persunmall. It's a global website/online shopping store that offers up-to-date plus very stylish clothes, accessories, shoes and bags. Absolutely love everything there!! ♥ Eyeing on some items already and I'd love to share them with you! :)

1. Black Suede Thin Heeled Heels (US$119.99)

So fascinated with anything that screams "minimalism", just like this sexy pair of heels. I need you in my life!!

2. White Kraft Pointed High-Heeled Shoes (US$99.99)

3. Leather Pigalle Pumps - Golden (US$81.99)

4. Blue and White Porcelain Style Dress (US$136.99)

So dainty!! Reminds me so much of our porcelain displays here at home, haha. But it's so pretty and I love it!

5. Mesh Stitching Knitted Dress (US$136.99)

6. V-Neck Vertical Stripe Chiffon Shirt (US$37.99)

7. Boyfriend Blazer without Buttons (US$39.99)

This blazer is also available in other colors. I just chose white 'cause I've been loving anything white/black lately. Minimalist-feel yet again! :)

8. Geometric Matching Shoulder Bag (US$51.99)

The sleek design of this bag caught my attention! So classy and versatile! :) Check out this page to see more stunning bags from Persunmall!

Photos from Persunmall

Find all these and more at Persunmall! Seriously can't wait to wear some items from this new shopping haven! ♥

Forever 21 Opens at SM Aura Premier

Forever 21 is definitely one of my favorite brands! Very evident from my outfit posts and some Forever 21 launches that I've attended. So when I got invited to its opening at the newest mall in town, SM Aura Premier, I immediately said yes! Thanks Ms. Jane and Pax, btw! :)

The brand has been making a lot of fashion talk as it continues to be the source of the latest trends at great value for everyone. Forever 21's store at SM Aura Premier occupies more than 2000 square meters with two levels (it has its own set of escalators). The first floor's filled with intimates, basics and denims, while second floor houses a treasure-trove of fashion favorites: Forever 21+, Forever 21 Girls, 21 Men, shoes and accessories. People will surely enjoy their shopping experience here! ♥

Before giving you a virtual tour around Forever 21's branch at SM Aura Premier, let me show you some event and runway photos I was able to take during their opening last Friday (May 17).

The beautiful Joyce Pring hosted this event. Looking gorgeous with her purple hair! :)

A styling session was held before this event by Camille Co. These ladies are wearing Forever 21 from head to toe! :)

Anymoo, here are some photos during the fashion show:

Eyeing on a lot of items from this collection!! ♥

So many stylish clothes at 21 Men!

Ackkk!! These kids are too adorbs for my life!!!! ♥

I feel nothing but pure love for Forever 21! ♥

My camera died on me right after the fashion show. Boo! :( Here are some snapshots I took around the store using my ever trusted and reliable iPad mini, hihi.

These photos can't put justice to how huge and beautiful this Forever 21 branch is! You guys should visit it at SM Aura Premier and savor this shopping haven! ♥

Group photos grabbed from Honey Andrade ♥