Graduation Day

After long years of going to school almost everyday, listening to lectures of teachers, encountering terror and hardcore professors, eagerly writing notes, reading thick textbooks, reviewing for exams, staying late at night to reach deadlines (or wala talagang sleep at all), sacrificing social life for academics, all these plus so much more are finally over!!! I officially graduated from college last Friday, April 12, 2013, and the ceremony was held at Manila Hotel. :)

I was having jitters days before graduation up to the minute I stepped onstage along with my parents. It was finally my turn. Our college dean gave me my diploma and handed the medal to my Dad. Eto na nga talaga yon!! My Mom and Dad kissed me right after placing/hanging the medal on me. I saw them near to tears, sobrang priceless yung feeling to see your parents proud of what you have achieved. Sulit na sulit lahat ng pagod ko, but I believe they experienced far more stress and tiredness from working hard just to sustain my education and the needs of our family. I couldn't thank them enough. I offer this humble latin award to my beloved parents and to the Lord Almighty.

Here are some snapshots (and side stories) from last Friday! :)

Early morning makeup session with Ann (as seen on my Instagram post)
Thank you so much for doing my graduation hair and makeup, Ann!!! :"> She came all the way from Taytay, Rizal, at 7AM, mind you, just to make me beautiful on my big day! Haha I love you Ann!! Thanks again to you and your hubby Lou! I appreciate it a lot! ♥

Stay tuned for my graduation outfit post! Might publish it tonight or tomorrow. :)

Toga! :p

Pictures with college buddies before and after the ceremony:

Photo grabbed from Tita Ethel Reyes

I remember, while my parents and I were at the middle of the stage for the photo op, my Dad said "Ang sarap naman sa pakiramdam!" and Mommy naman said "We're so proud of you, anak". Ay jusko ang puso ko!! Hahaha!


I love you girls!


To my two soul sisters in college, Jemcy and Trisha, you know how much I love you two!! ♥ Thank you for making my entire college experience fun and memorable. Dami nating nagpagdaanan, mga tegirl!! Hahaha! Alam niyo yan. I won't survive this crazy endeavor without the both of you. I'm sure we'll see each other again soon. I WILL MISS YOU GIRLS! I love you Amey and Shamae!! :'(


Hahahaha hello Mommy!!!

My gorgeous Mom and handsome Dad. Para po sa inyo lahat ng 'to.

Celebrated my graduation with my family and closest high school friends over a sumptuous buffet dinner, stories and laughter.


These people made my high school life perfect!!! I love you guys!! I'm so glad we're all still close even after college. Nothing has changed. ♥


Beyond happy and fulfilled! Thank You so much, Lord!


Arra said...

Saw your name dun sa list of grads with may papuri! so galing. COngratulations! :)

Gellie Abogado said...

Congrats, Arnie :) said...

Congratulations Arnee Babe! :) Yay! Graduate ka na! Kudos!

A N A G O N said...

Ang saya and lungkot talaga ng graduation! :) One of the best days of my whole life, hehe! :) And the parentals and friends andun lahat - ang sarap nga ng pakiramdam nun! :)

Histrionic Deity said...

Congrats satin as Batch 2013! :D

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Arra, wow! Really? Where? :) Thank you so much dear!! :">

@Gellie, maraming salamat girl!! :*

@Momma Earth, awww thank you po talaga!! Really appreciate it ♥ See you soon po!

@Ana, trots yan sis!! Bittersweet. Haha pero sobrang sarap nga sa pakiramdam! :') Miss you sis!

@Histrionic Deity, congratulations too! :)

AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

Aww Arnie love! I am so happy for you. :) I know you worked hard for this and now you have it. Good luck with your career in life and go lang ng go!

Ysh ♥ said...

Congratulations Arnie! Smart na, pretty pa! :)

Good luck on your future endeavors! =)

Hershey Neri ♕ said...

Beauty & brains!
i am happy and proud of you, ate arnie! Mwa!


Arra said...

where? of course dun sa i don't know what you call it parang programme with names of graduates.. nagmartsa din ako ng 12 :) since I'm a summer grad. I'm a big fan! Sayang afternoon yata kayo

Unknown said...

congrats arnie!! that ecstatic feeling talaga when you have an award dedicated to parents :)

jawsmayobanico said...

You did it! Congratulations Arnie!

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Ava, thank you so so so much, babe!! >:D< Yes! Worth all the sleepless nights! ♥ Go lang ng go!

@Ishna, thank you so much dear!! :"> Cannot wait for the next chapter! :)

@Hershey, awww thank you sweetheart!! Mwa!!

@Arra, OOH! Haha so nice! Congratulations to you, too, then!! ♥ Cheers! Yes afternoon batch kami. :)

@Carizza, totoo yan girl!! Priceless!! ♥ Thank you so much!

@Jaws, FINALLY! Haha thanks dear! :*