Do Celebs Have The Secret To Slimness?

If there’s one thing awards season teaches us every year, it’s that either celebrities never over-indulge at Christmas, or they’re simply not human. An alternative could be that they have a handy personal trainer who keeps them on their toes all through the festive season and steps it up when it comes to the New Year.

The latter is probably closest to the truth, though there’s no reason to discount the idea that they may just be from another planet – after all, how the Hollywood elite manage to grace the red carpet looking as slender as ever immediately post the festive splurge remains an enduring mystery.

Current Hollywood golden girl Jennifer Lawrence seems to get more svelte with every red carpet appearance, while her success only grows. The red ‘Baywatch’ Calvin Klein dress the Hunger Games actress wore to the 2011 Oscars ceremony divided opinion, but it certainly showed off her toned and curvy body.

This year’s sparkly Dior gown, worn by Lawrence at the BAFTAs ceremony, showed a considerably smaller waist and lean shoulders. Seeing as this event occurs less than two months after the most famously indulgent season of the year, Jennifer must surely have been hitting the gym with gusto?

As celebs get thinner and more toned than ever, it’s curious that for the rest of us, our priorities are changing. An article in the Telegraph indicates that instead of making pledges to lose weight, many of us are choosing to spend more time reading and to leave work on time.

However, LA Fitness – who commissioned the survey into our resolution-making habits – emphasised the importance of keeping active. Marketing director Tony Orme said: “People are really feeling the pressures of a hectic lifestyle so are now trying to focus on making more time for themselves, their friends and family. But it’s important to remember that taking time to exercise and eating a balanced, healthy diet not only gives you more energy, but also helps to manage stress levels.”

If you are planning on taking some inspiration from Jennifer Lawrence and the rest of the perennially slim Hollywood A-list, however, then remember to invest in a proper pair of running shoes before hitting the gym, such as Sketchers shape-ups, which help to tone your body as you work out.

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