Bo's Coffee's Philippine Origins Product Line Launch

I think you guys already know that I finished a degree in Travel and Tourism Management. I believe that our country's so beautiful and we're very rich in natural resources, but without proper utilization of our assets and a devoted administration, the beauty of the Philippines will just be put to waste. So I really appreciate even the smallest deeds or efforts of people who consider the environment and the betterment of our country first before taking actions (business-wise or personal).

That's the reason why Bo's Coffee is really close to my heart. I had my first drink at Bo's last year during their bloggers' event and they introduced to us their history and all else about the coffee brand. This homegrown cafe chain aims to showcase the best of Philippine coffee and they recently released their Single Origin Arabica beans. These were sourced from Benguet, Sagada, Mt. Matutum and Mt. Kitanglad and roasted to perfection by artisan roasters. I feel very fortunate to have been invited to the intimate launch of this Philippine Origins Product Line which was held at Bo's Coffee Glorietta 5 last Wednesday (April 17).

Here's coffee master and Bo's owner, Mr. Steve Benitez, sharing to us about the new product line. According to him, all of their beans underwent a rigorous cupping process in order for Bo's Coffee to serve only the best for their customers.

Aside from Philippine Origins, they also introduced to us the Pour Over Method. This method only requires a steady hand, brew bar, V60 cone, swan kettle, weighing scale and precise water and temperature measurements. When you've done the process correctly, you can produce an intense and aromatic cup of coffee that you'll definitely enjoy.

Right amount of water poured in a slow and circular manner over the cone containing the filter and ground coffee

They actually did the Pour Over Method to the Philippine Origins product line and they allowed us to taste the 4 different drinks. The one from Sagada has a sweet, nutty and well balanced taste, with hints of chocolate and fresh tobacco. Benguet was also well balanced, with herbal notes. Mt. Matutum, which is located in Mindanao, features a berry-like and spicy taste. And lastly, Mt. Kitanglad, also in Mindanao, is perfect for coffee drinkers who are looking for something light and nutty, with a hint of floral undertones.

Another demo! This time, they let bloggers try out the pour over method! :)

Nom nom nom! Feasted on these after the event!

With Paul and Joel! Thank you so much to Joel and Bo's Coffee, for having us!! We had so much fun! ♥

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