Finally had the chance to shoot what I wore to our baccalaureate mass which happened last April 10! :) That day started out so early for us. Our call time was 8 in the morning, mass at 9AM then graduation briefing and toga-claiming at 10AM. A lot of things happened that day, too, which hindered me from shooting this outfit. I didn't have too much free time these past weeks also, that's why natagalan ng bongga.

On me: dress from Seven Confessions (The Ramp) | shoes from Sophisticat | envelope clutch courtesy of Cesa

We (CTHTIM students) were told to be on our best black or white ensemble for the baccalaureate mass. I had a hard time choosing, actually. Searched in different malls and boutiques already but didn't find "the one", so I ended up strolling at my go-to place, The Ramp. Girls, I'm sure you can relate to this. When we go shopping, sometimes we see a particular piece that we just can't let go of, especially if it fits perfectly on us. Yung pag di natin yun nabili, di tayo makakatulog. Hahaha! That's what happened to me the moment I saw this dress from Seven Confessions. Felt like the dress was calling me so I had to get it.

I absolutely love that this envelope clutch courtesy of Cesa went so well with my dress! Match made in heaven! ♥ This clutch is surprisingly spacious, too. Believe it or not, I was able to place my iPad mini, makeup kit, two wallets, sanitizer and brush here! And no, the clutch didn't look bulky at all!

Got another "The One" moment when I saw this pair of Serena shoes from Sophisticat! Isa pa 'tong hindi ako papatulugin kung di kukunin! Lol! It's so irresistible, I obviously gave in. Also, all my sky-high pairs from Sophisticat are unbelievably comfortable. I can walk (and run a bit) for long hours wearing them!

Hope you love this ensemble as much as I do! ♥

Photos by Charls Uytanlet

Have an amazing week ahead, loveys!! xx

Hair Transformation with Lolane Philippines

Perhaps you already know that I studied in a university with very strict rules. :p So I can't just simply do drastic dyeing and styling to my hair when I was still in college. I tried to maintain my brown hair color til 3rd year, though, because our handbook said it's fine naman as long as it's not too loud. But come senior year, they tweaked the rules and became more strict. Bawal na kahit brown lang. :'( I felt really sad about it (cried, actually hahaha), but I had no choice but to dye it black.

Days after graduation, my Mom and I tried to dye my hair to a lighter shade of brown at home but we failed. Went to one of my trusted salons, too, for that, but the color that I wanted wasn't that visible to my hair. Sobrang hirap na patungan ang black. :( I didn't want to feel disappointed for the third time anymore. Quota na!!

However, all my frustrations about my hair color got erased after my session with Lolane PH. SM City San Lazaro and Lolane invited me to their event last Thursday and I got surprised with the hair color transformation that this Thai brand gave me. ♥

I was so fortunate that I was able to talk to the owner of the Philippine franchise of Lolane, Sir Ronnie Del Rosario. As we roamed around the event area, he discussed about the brand further. Lolane is actually the leading hair care brand in Thailand. The products contain essential nourishment from nature, which is actually their major feature, so we're rest assured that we are safe, protected and satisfied with the innovations of Lolane.

Look at all those affordable products! Trust me! You can make your hair more beautiful without spending too much! They're available in Watsons, by the way. :)

I was guided to the styling area for the makeover. Lolane brought Thai hair experts (all of them are licensed) here in the Philippines just for this event! Sobrang bongga! :)

My turn!!! :) I wasn't expecting too much during the session bilang dami ko na napagdaanan! Hahaha! But Lolane really impressed and satisfied me! :)

With my Thai hair stylist! Such a pro!! ♥

Experience how it's like to be treated with Lolane! I-avail niyo na 'to guys! Just drop by SM City San Lazaro, LGF near food court and supermarket, until May 1, 2013. You just need to purchase your desired hair products (like colorant products, hair straightening, repair, smooth and style, etc.) there and proceed to the styling area for the FREE APPLICATION of Lolane products by the Thai hair experts! Heard Lolane's giving away an iPad mini, too! ;) Hurry up and don't miss this chance! Very very affordable and sulit, I tell you!

Hugs and thanks to Mich, Sir Franz, SM City San Lazaro and Lolane Philippines! xx

Learn To Rely On Yourself

I'm still at square one in my career path/soul searching period. And I think one thing that I'd remember with me throughout this journey is that I need to learn to rely on myself. It's actually very essential for all of us in order to succeed. We have to be confident with ourselves, know our worth, and trust our own feelings.

Of course, we'll make mistakes from time to time. Given na yan. But so does everyone else. Treat those mistakes as a chance for you to grow and be better next time! :)

On me: blazer courtesy of Romwe | Perfect Fit Shop skater skirt | "Arnie" necklace courtesy of Anagon Collection | Casio watch | sunnies courtesy of Romwe

We have the tendency to shake our heads, say a lot of excuses and go away from responsibilities. Ganyan din ako minsan. That's because sometimes, I'm afraid to face them because it'd mean facing the things that I've limited myself by. I don't want to feel like a failure and get frustrated. Sino bang may gusto diba? But to arrive at our "destination", going through trial and error is inevitable.

It's not going to be easy, as it never has been for anybody. We simply need to mature, be prepared to understand and accept things, get back up and start over again. Kayang-kaya natin yan syempre! ;)

Before I end this konting food for the soul, I'm encouraging you guys to read this heartfelt blog post made by my big sis Ana Gonzales. Natunaw puso ko dito, grabe!! Her post is very helpful and enlightening, it will surely help me, my fellow fresh grads, and those who are still trying to find themselves. Please do read it guys! :)

Photos by momma Sarah Tirona and big sis Ana Gonzales

Anyway, on a totally unrelated note, this outfit was what I wore to the Elle Girl Press Launch and bonding/career talk with my blog sisters last week. I absolutely love how the blazer and skirt went well together (color-wise, most especially)! ♥

Transform Your Look With SM Accessories

This video's extra cute and helpful! Witty girl Petra Mahalimuyak shares how one or two accessories can instantly transform your outfit from day to play! ;)

Don't forget to like SM Accessories on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for more styling tips, promos and updates! xx

Makeover Session with Max Factor and Sir Bobby Carlos

Some of you might think that I'm the type of person who can't leave the house without makeup. Well, to surprise you, I actually can! :) I'm not an expert when it comes to makeup application. Basics lang keri ng powers ko! Powder, lipstick and little pinches on my cheeks then I'm good to go na! So I always feel excited whenever I get invited to beauty events 'cause I know I'll get to learn more about cosmetics and how to use them properly.

Max Factor Philippines sent me an invitation to an exclusive make-over session with a renowned makeup artist, Sir Bobby Carlos, which took place last Friday at Max Factor SM North EDSA. My big sis Ana and I arrived there quite early so we took photos around the counter muna! :)

As seen on my Instagram post

There's so much to love about Max Factor, right? Here are my top 3 favorite product lines from the brand:

All shades in their Lipfinity collection

Max Factor Glossfinity nail polishes

And their new 3 in 1 All Day Flawlss Foundation. For girls who are always on the go, this is what we exactly need! This product already has SPF foundation with built in primer and concealer.

With big sis Ana after her make-over session. Looking super lovely with her red lipchook! Sana kaya ko rin dalhin yung ganyan! ♥ Unfortunately, I don't have photos of Ana during her session. I took pictures nung turn niya using her camera. Check out her post about this event, too!

Bilang I'm not a pro with makeup nga, I grabbed the opportunity and asked a lot of questions to Sir Bobby the entire time. Simula Ana's turn yata until matapos 'tong saken. Haha! I love that Sir Bobby was so game to answer all our queries. From makeup tips down to how his passion for makeup started. No wonder he's really successful with his career. Super down-to-earth niya and his humble beginnings with his career inspired me a lot.

Can't believe it took Sir Bobby only a couple of minutes to finish my makeup! The techniques he showed were unbelievably easy! Konting practice lang! :)

Sadly, my photo with Sir Bobby right after the session got deleted accidentally. :'(

Ending this post with a #selfie 'cause I'm super happy with the outcome of my makeover! All thanks to Max Factor Philippines and Sir Bobby Carlos! ♥

Affordable Coby Kyros Tablet from Lazada

Tablets are everywhere these days! They were made to make our lives easier and more convenient in so many ways. I'm also a tablet-user and it's very helpful for me especially as a blogger. I can effortlessly access my e-mail and social networking sites (which are all important in my kind of living), take advantage of its potential cell phone functions like messaging and video calling/teleconferencing, use the camera, edit photos, and entertain myself through reading e-books, playing games and listening to my playlist.

No need to worry about premium price tags, though, because here comes Coby Kyros MID7011-TV 7" - a tablet that can give you all those features mentioned above and more in a very affordable price!

Coby Kyros MID7011-TV 7" Android 4.0 4GB with 3G/Wifi (Black) is the official tablet of ABS-CBN Show "Ina, Kapatid, Anak". The size of this gadget is just right to fit your pouches/bags. It also has a 4GB internal memory that is expandable to 36GB via a 32GB microSD, enough to keep your music, pictures, movies, games and other applications. WiFi and Bluetooth are also present in this device! ;)

You can buy Coby Kyros MID7011-TV 7" Android 4.0 4GB with 3G/Wifi (Black) for only P7,995.00 at Lazada Philippines, the fastest-growing online shopping site in our country! Lazada offers worry-free shopping experience, with free delivery available, 7-days return policy and cash on delivery. You can surely trust Lazada!

You can also browse through the other tablets that Lazada offers! Check them out here.

For more information, discounts, promos and updates from Lazada, feel free to subscribe to their newsletter, like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Elle Girl Philippines Press Launch

Paris-inspired brand, Elle Girl, has finally landed on Philippine shores and recently opened a branch in Shangri-La Mall. What started out as a publication, Elle magazine, eventually emerged as an apparel line for women and numerous other endeavors. Elle Girl gives the women the chance to embody the latest fads and embark on fashion-forward lifestyle with confidence to face whatever comes her way. The philosophy of this brand ties in closely with current trends, direct from Paris.

Elle Girl held an intimate press launch last Thursday (April 18) at their branch located at the new wing of Shangri-La Plaza. We were also able to check out the fabulous items in their Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Check out these photos:

Girls can select from an assortment of possibilities to effortlessly create the image they want, whether classic and romantic or edgy and rock-and-roll.

The line features latest trends such as mullet tops, body-con dresses, and numerous casual staples festooned with fun, funky prints.

We can also choose from the brand's accompanying collection of shoes, bags and accessories to complement our attire! :)

After going around the boutique, they finally unveiled the 5 chosen brand ambassadors of Elle Girl Philippines. These Elle Girls were born to stand out and make their mark on the world. These ladies are on the brink of personal discovery and wish to express themselves and become style icons in their own right.

Elle Girl #1: CAMILLE CO
Camille is a designer, an occasional model, and a well-known fashion blogger. She also landed in the cover of a famous magazine last year.

Posing is a model's bread and butter, and Jessica can certainly turn heads with her twists in print and on the catwalk. This Taiwanese girl has graced features in Preview, MEGA and Cosmo, to name a few.

There's more to Julia than her unique brand of beauty; her advocacy to green living is certainly something to be admired. A well-rounded girl, she also hosts for ETC HQ and The Girls of 28A.

Pam is a ball of energy, continuously zipping from one engagement to the next. As a member of the Embassy/Republiq group, she's got her hands full running some of the best restaurants and clubs in the metro.

Jamie is a true blue fashionista party girl. She holds a degree in Fashion Styling and Merchandising from SoFA and is also currently Prive Luxury Club's marketing and events manager.

They all look fabulous, right? No wonder they got picked as the brand ambassadors of Elle Girl!

Photo grabbed from Ana Gonzales (Thanks for this, big sis!!)

Huge thanks to ARC and Elle Girl Philippines for having us! ♥ Don't forget to follow Elle Girl on Twitter and like their Facebook page!