Instagram: March 2013

Hello guys! Sorry for the lack of updates here these past few days. I decided to take a break from blogging this Holy Week so I can focus on reflecting (religion-wise) and spend some quality time with my parents and friends. I feel so refreshed and fulfilled now, and I hope you had a wonderful and meaningful Holy Week as well! :)

Anymoo, since I also failed to shoot some outfit photos (and now I regret it a lot 'cause the streets were really empty especially last Thursday and Friday), let me share to you a couple of photos from my Instagram plus some side stories instead. :p

You see, I only gave in to the IG craze mid-March this year. I was actually battling with myself if I'll create an account or not. I know I blab a lot on Twitter and my blog already, so I felt scared that I might get highly addicted/distracted to Instagram and make my life a bonggang bonggang wide open-book to everyone.

Yet when thesis was FINALLY over, as well as other school requirements, my parents gave me an iPad mini as a reward. I knew there'd be no more stress in my system and I'll probably be a bum for a few months, I figured it was already the perfect time to say hello to Instagram. :p Follow me there, @listentoarnie, yes? xx

Now for some random March photos:

Sunday morning coffee with Charls after our shoot!

J. Co fix

Goofing around with college buds

Bonding at Cioccolata with Jemcy 

Killing time with my apple iced tea at Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

Love affair with junk food

Tea 101 with Charls after another Sunday morning shoot

CLEARANCE!!!! :) All cleared plus surrendered my ID!

KFC delivery! Nom nom nom

Dinner and drinks with our beloved professor :)

Post-event bonding with mi loves Kelly and Niche

Milk tea fix at Chatime

My favorite meal from Mister Kabab ♥

Lunch at Grams Diner with Joy, Ella and Nicole before watching It's Showtime live!

Score mo, show mo!!!! :p

Comfort food at Banapple

Supporting the Earth Hour!! :)

Long-awaited bonding with Gia at Bubble Tea and Manang's Chicken

Graduation pictures!!! :)

Visita Iglesia 2013

My Mom and I visited 4 churches this year. Initially, we planned to stick with our tradition (which is to visit 7 or 14 churches), but we ventured into a new kind of Visita Iglesia. We went to St. Pio Chapel near Eastwood, braved the long lines and intense heat to carry huge crosses while we go through the 14 stations. ALL WORTH IT! ♥

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @listentoarnie ;) I update there more often! xx

Happy Easter, loveys!


Gellie Abogado said...

Gorgeous Arnie! I was on a blogging leave for the Holy Week din :)

AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

Love your IG posts! So happy that you finally have one! we can relate to each others "personal" IG moments! hehe

Sarange said...

Love your look! btw mind to follow each other? let me know!

Love Sasa♥