Ilocos Day 2: Paoay Church

Today's definitely a crazy Monday for me and my blockmates. It's officially the start of our (last ever, hopefully) hell week. Paper deadlines, three presentations, thesis defense and final exams - ugh! Can't wait for all these to be over! Konting tiis na lang! :) Anyway, as I've said yesterday, I'll try to blog fast about my Ilocos travel diary so I can proceed with my regular outfit and event posts. Here we go with our 7th destination for day two, the beautiful Paoay Church!

Paoay Church is one of the designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Philippines. It has an explicit architecture highlighted by 24 huge columns or buttresses to support the sides and the back of the church.

The church, also known as the "Earthquake Baroque" church in our country, and the three-story bell tower was built of baked bricks, coral rocks, lumber and tree sap. 

There's a prayer garden beside Paoay Church, too, called Jardin de San Agustin. Such a lovely and peaceful place!

Out of the many inspirational words written in placards all over the prayer garden, this is what I'll keep in mind forever. ♥

Soul sisters and cray cray travel buddies who are not-so-unfamiliar to you anymore (that's if you've read about my Ilocos posts from day 1, hihi)! :p

Gonna be focusing on schoolwork again right after publishing this. I'll try to do another one before dozing off! :)

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