Ilocos Day 2: Plaza Del Norte

We were off to our fifth stop for day two, Plaza del Norte, after visiting Fort Ilocandia Golf & Country Club. Plaza Del Norte is a newly-built hotel in Ilocos Norte. I find this hotel really gorgeous and stunning. Definitely a perfect place to go to if you'd want to take stress away out of your system! ;)

This hotel brings together the breadth of Ilocos, which is contemporary Filipino style, and the innovations and modernity of today with the use of world-class amenities.

Plaza del Norte also features a chapel for weddings, gardens for outdoor events, grandeur pool area, function room and massage services. The property's sure to attract business travelers, too, because of its extensive facilities that are perfect for business meetings and conventions.

Exquisite pool area ♥

Certainly, if ever I'll go back to Ilocos, I'd choose to stay here in Plaza Del Norte. ♥

That's it for today's Ilocos travel diary! We're halfway (oo half pa lang hahaha) through day two and I can't wait to show you photos from our 6th destination. Sand Dunes, baby!!!! ;)

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