Ilocos Day 2: Fort Ilocandia Golf and Country Club

My friends and I moved on to our 4th stop for day two. It was at Fort Ilocandia Golf & Country Club. I wasn't expecting too much here for I thought it's only a typical country club. But to my surprise, this place actually houses the preserved private room and other memorabilia of the late President Marcos.

Check out this well-retained bed room of the Marcos family.

Say hello to my brave friend, Jemcy, in front of the mirror! Haha! I was very paranoid that a ghost might show up in my reflection so I thought of deleting my solo photo right after shooting. LOL!

You can really tell that these things were used way back Marcos' era. The chairs and other stuff here deteriorated through time!

This house is definitely huge, historical and eerie! Yikes! :p

Woot! I'll be posting about a beautiful hotel in Ilocos right after this! Hope you're still enjoying this travel diary ♥

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