Dainty Meets Edgy

As promised from yesterday's post, I'll show you another look that I'm sporting the blazer that I got from Romwe. :) It's really versatile, I might be able to wear it again with three other outfits! Haha! Like I always say, it's not a crime to repeat your clothes as long as you style them differently. They're made to be worn, not kept, anyway. Learn to be practical and maximize what you have inside your closets. :)

On me: blazer, lace top, leggings and necklace courtesy of ROMWE | boots from Dorothy Perkins

Dainty meets edgy! I remember Dad exclaimed "My baby's wearing black boots and tights??" when I came out from my room wearing this ensemble. Perhaps he sees me in florals and high heels all the time. Hihi! I wanted to test if I can pull off edgy pieces, but then I realized I can't fully leave my girly self yet hence the presence of laces and screaming orange!

And yes, my Dad calls me "baby" even until now that I'm 20. :p

Bilang babae ako, give na ang pagiging indecisive even with hair style. Kaguley! Which is better for you? :)

ROMWE blazer and white lace top

ROMWE necklace

Dorothy Perkins boots

My Mom bought this for me over a week ago. She extremely loved my outfit post wearing Jean's Forever 21 boots, so avail agad when Dorothy Perkins placed this pair on sale! Ahhh, I love my Mom!!! This is so perfect! ♥

Photos by Charls Uytanlet

Spreading hugs and good vibes to everyone!! xx


AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

love the blazer and top! pati hair bet! more looks with tied hair!

Chrissy said...

Love the look! Especially the blazer :)

Shopgirl Jen said...

I looooove your look here, Arnie! Love your boots too. Bagaaaaaaay sa iyo! :)

Unknown said...

awwww baby girl you look so cute! love the femme blazer with an edgy twist:)


Arnie Villanueva said...

@Ava, awww thank you babe for appreciating!! :) Haha will try to post more outfiteys with tied hair. ;)

@Chrissy, thank you so much!! :"> Means a lot!

@Mommy Jen, AWW Yay!! Haha I'm so happy, approved sayo 'tong look. Love you and miss you po!