Super Sale Bazaar Holiday 2012

Quick post about my two-day visit at the recently concluded Super Sale Bazaar Holiday 2012! :) Fun and awesome, as always! ♥

Spent hours at Anagon Collection's booth for bonding, foodtrip and kwentuhan with my blog sister Ana. I'm so glad that I found true friends and those that I can really trust here in the blogging world. Who would've thought, right?

Photo grabbed from Ana

With Sarah and Ana

Roamed around the bazaar with momma Sarah while Ana was finishing some orders. We took pictures of some of our favorite items! :)

Vintage pop rings, bags and cute notepads

I want those clothes from Kirin!!!

Cosmetics, room arts and dainty flats

Passed by Cesa Designs' booth and I saw the charming brand owner, Chaley Tiu, again! ♥ Thank you so much for the stylish "Cesaries" (accessories) you gave me, dear. Can't wait to use them!

Sarah and I with the sweetest and one of my favorite brand owners, Ms. Wini of Wardrobe Check! It's always nice seeing you, Ms. Wini! :')

Photo grabbed from Christine's Instagram
At Crave More's area with Verge, Christine and Ana :)

See you guys at Bloggers United 4 this coming December 15 and 16 at World Trade Center!! xx

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fashioneggpplant said...

fun times basbe, see you this weekend! :)