Ombre and Studs

Second day of channeling blue pieces! Have you seen my outfit post yesterday? :) This wasn't planned, though. The coincidence may be emphasizing my birthday blues. :-S Haha! Anyway, here's what I wore to the Oxygen Pop of Colors event last week. Ombre and studs out for a spin! ♥

On me: top courtesy of Mix n' Match | shorts courtesy of ROMWE | wedges from Laureen Uy (Possibility, The Ramp)

Instantly fell in love with this button-down! It's sheer and it has studs - no questions asked! You probably know that I easily get attracted to such details. ♥

Got this Romwe shorts in one size bigger than mine. I remember, the impulsive me suddenly clicked on medium while I was placing my orders at Romwe. I was rushing that day and didn't have time to review my shopping cart. Now, can you spot the pins and threads? Are they obvious? My Mom and I did everything just to have this shorts cinched at my waist! Lol!

I mean, how can you resist this distressed ombre shorts with cross studs? Too pretty to let go.

Sky-high wedges from Possibility (available at The Ramp), previously owned by Laureen Uy

Photos by Ana Gonzales
Thank you and love you, sis!! :)

I've got giveaway treats for all of you this month so stay tuned!! xx


t said...

Cool shorts!

Anonymous said...

Nice outfit ^_^

join my 1st crazy giveaway, 20 winners will be chosen!

Chyrel Gomez said...

I like your top! =)

jawsmayobanico said...

cool shoes!

Arnie Villanueva said...

@T, thank you so much!!

@Crazy Kenpachi, thanks a lot!!

@Chyrel, yiii me too!! ♥ This will be overused, alam na!!

@Jaws, thank you dear!

Alex Lapa said...

Love this outfit! I've been meaning to DIY some of my old jeans to ombre shorts hehe :D


Yan Maling said...

Wow. Love the outfit! :)