Bloggers United 4 Photo Diary

Better late than never! Here are some photos from the fourth leg of Bloggers United! I had so much fun bonding with my co-bloggers as well as meeting my sweet readers. ♥

Posing beside MadHouseMNL's cover girl, Pax! Hahaha

Woobie's so cute and huggable!!

Momma Sarah and I won at the Hephep Hooray game! Lol

Thank you so much to my big sis Ana for trusting me with some BU responsibilities and rounds! Congratulations, too! Super sulit ang effort and pagod niyo! Everyone enjoyed this two-day event! :)

Hi Paul!!! :p

 My date, Niche! ♥

Hello twin!! :)

Photos from Ana Gonzales, taken by Niche Dumlao

Now, here are some photos tweeted/sent to me by my readers! I hope you know that you guys inspire me each and everyday. I appreciate your sweetness, kindness and thoughtfulness! Looking forward to meet all of you again in the near future! ♥

If we have photos together during BU4, feel free to tweet me @listentoarnie or send it to me through email (arniezero7 at gmail dot com) so I can include them here! :)

You are all amazing!!! ♥ I love you guys!

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