12 Favorites for 2012

As promised, today I'm posting about my top 12 favorite events/happenings for 2012! ♥ I can't really call 2012 "my year" because I've been through a helluva roller coaster ride of achievements, challenges and mishaps. But anyway, if this year didn't turn out to be the best for me, I'm all the more motivated to make my 2013 close to perfection! It's gonna be amazing! I'm claiming it! And of course, I'm wishing the same for you guys, too. :)

1. Crown Turnover

2. First Meeting and Contract Signing with SM Girls Teens Wear

3. Met my epic and awesome "Battery Friends" for the first time for the Le Caprice shoot

... followed by random shoots and hangouts!

4. Relief Operation and Bonding with my Blog Family

5. First (EVER!!!!) Mall Tour (Meet & Greet) Experience with SM GTW for the Redhead Model Search

6. Bench Universe (also watched Far East Movement perform live!!!)

7. Shoot/Collaboration with Video Blogs Philippines

8. Became one of the Brand Ambassadors for Miss Sixty Philippines

9. Bazaar For All Season

10. Araneta Dress Me Up Event 2

11. My 20th Birthday

12. Year-End/Thanksgiving/Rooftop Party with my High School Girlfriends
I'll be blogging about that very soon ;)

That's it for the 12 highlights of my 2012! Hope you guys enjoyed looking through those photos. It feels so good to look back at all these wonderful memories! ♥ As we close another chapter of our lives, let us not forget to be thankful, stay optimistic, and ready our keys to open 2013's big locks and doors! xx


Unknown said...

wow! Congrats Arnie! daming na achieve this year! :) sana next year mas marami :)

Happy New Year!

Michael Macalos

A N A G O N said...

i love you lil sis! so happy to be part of your 2012... to moremoremore a! :) Di na nakuntento sa "moremore" lang hahaha :) Happy New year!!!

Chyrel Gomez said...

epic year,yah! cheers to 2013! =)

Unknown said...

that was one fun year! :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Michael, hihi salamat friend!! :) Hoping for the best for you, too, this 2013! See you and happy new year!!

@Ana, I love you more!!! The universe is aware of that. Haha! Ako rin, glad that we became closer last year. Naks maka-last year e no! Haha! Moremoremore pa!! >:D< Cheers!

@Chyrel, indeed!! ♥ Happy new year sweetheart!

@Eyah, thank you so much!! It really was! :") Hope you had a blast, too!

Dian dela Cruz said...

Looks fun! Love all your photos Arnie! Thanks for your continued support <3

Xo, Dian