Prints Day

Surprisingly, my blogger friends and I went all out prints for the first day of Bazaar For All Season! It wasn't planned at all! Ganun yata talaga. Sometimes we tend to come up with the same brilliant (naks, haha) ideas at the same time! Anyway, we took a short break from the super fun but tiring selling day at our booths by taking outfit shots. Here are some group snapshots by Niche using Pax's camera.

Florals overload! ♥

Bloggers gone wild with Simone's Closet cobweb necklace! Hahahaha

Kelly's epic performance!

Love you guys! :)

Photos from Niche, grabbed from Pax

I'll tell you more about the recently concluded bazaar in my next posts! Stay tuned! xx


Hannah L. Magsayo said...

Wow!! You guys had really fun :)

Gellie Abogado said...

Flowerful and Beautiful <3

Anonymous said...

Cute! I like your skirt, Arnie. :)

xx, Kim
Kimpossibly Gorgeous

Etaduran said...

Love your skirt!! :)

The Living Closet

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Hannah, thank you so much dear!! :) Super fun indeed!! ♥

@Gellie, haha thank you for appreciating, girl!! >:D<

@Kim, thank you!!! It means a lot!

@Etaduran, weee I'm glad you loved it! ♥ Thanks!

Anastasia Goenawan said...

Floral pattern overload! :)
can't wait for your next post!

come and visit me if you have time..

Denise said...

ang saya nyo lang sister! haha at tlgang ntrap kyo sa cobweb necklce!syanag i was not able to join you guys, nsa booth ako coz daming tao at that time haha!:)

Hershey Neri ♕ said...

Super cute photos! :) I love the prints!


The Mommy Roves said...

nagenjoy ako ng bongga guys :) salamat ng many many for adopting me that day nuks :P i love you twin sister. haha sisters tayo ha, hindi magina :P lol

Mrs. Kolca said...

Your blazer is awesome. Florals are in! :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Vie Belle, oh yes!! :) Thank you so much!

@Denise, hahaha oo sis kaguley kami sa cobwebs mo! Who knew 5 people can wear a single cobweb necklace?? HAHA!

@Hershey, thank you sweetie!! ♥ Yes, the prints! :)

@Rovie, haha truth!!! Ako rin super enjoy!! Okay okay I'll call you "twin" na not "mommy" anymore </3 Daddy Pao is still my Daddy though hahaha!

@Mrs. Kolca, weee I'm glad you find it awesome po! Thank you!! ♥

Chyrel Gomez said...

Made me miss blogger meet ups. =(