Dressing Up for Casino Night

If you ask 10 people about how they should dress for a night out at the casino, chances are that you will get 10 different answers.  A lot of how one dresses for a casinos depends greatly on why they going to the casino and what type of image that they want to portray.  Today I will give you a few tips on how to dress for a night out at the casino.

Get Noticed Without Being Escorted Out

A game you will see some casino patrons play at bars is called "hooker, not a hooker."  Basically they are trying to guess whether the girls at the bar are actually working girls based on their dress.

For you ladies out there, you want to pay careful attention to how you dress for your night out.  Stay away from outfits that are too tight and leave little room for the imagination.

Next, flowing and fun dresses are a great choice for the casino.  Free flowing print dresses don't look out of place and are very fun.  You look more like you are there to have fun over looking to try and work the guys.

Also, free flowing dresses are great for those expecting or having just had a baby as they help hide a few extra pounds.

Sleek and shiny outfits can also look higher class without making you look like a working girl.  Again, keep it classy and less form fitting.

High Roller vs. Slot Bum

For the guys out there looking on how to dress, you want to stay away from the "poker grunge" look as we call it.

Wearing sweats and a hoody is fine if you're an online poker grinder looking to make a few bucks at the live tables, but otherwise you are going to look like a step up from the slot bums that come up asking you for a dollar for the bus.

Nice slacks and a button up collared shirt is a nice basic look for those that want to look good but don't care about being James Bond.

For those wanting more of a Bond look, don't worry about renting a tux.  A nice double breasted suit, preferably in black, will do the trick just nicely.  You can lose the tie to give yourself more of a bad boy look while still looking like a high roller.

Dressing up for a night out at the casino is more beneficial than just looking good.  When you look good and feel good, chances are you will make better decisions while playing. 

In addition, casino staff and even the other patrons tend to treat you better because you look like someone that should command respect. You may not be a high roller, but with the right outfit you can fool others into thinking you are. ;)

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