BTS Video Blogs PH Shoot

Months ago, I received an invitation from Video Blogs Philippines for a collaboration. They're a team of young and dedicated individuals, ready to give a twist to the usual blogging with a series of vlog shows! They'll soon be bringing us the latest news, updates in food, fashion, travel, events and technologies in the Philippines through those shows. Interesting, right? So when I knew that they wanted me to be part of their vlog's debut, I felt deeply honored and immediately said yes! :) Anyway, let me share to you what else happened during our shoot in the following photos and captions.

Shoot location

They gave me a set of questions for the interview. Supposedly, it should be easy for me to answer those because I've been receiving almost the same questions naman in emails or tweets. Pero iba and mahirap pala pag through video, may pressure! Haha! The team made it casual, comfortable and fun for me, though. Sa sobrang pagka-comfortable, tawa tuloy ako ng tawa!! Hahaha! Wait 'til you see the next shots.

Since it was an interview shoot, I opted to wear an interesting bright-colored dress. No heels this time 'cause only half of my body will be seen. :p 

Spot the milk tea!! They were so sweet that they bought a drink for me! Thank you, Nikki!! :)

Serious mode?? Chos!!

Tawang-tawa lang si girl diba! I hope I still look decent in the video.  Hello, JC and Chino! :p

Wish I knew how to do my own make-up so I won't look plain everyday, most especially in occasions like this. Lipstick lang talaga keri ko!

Replying to tweets during break! :)

I think I answered "One Direction" in this part... Uh-oh! Hahaha!

Watching my cray cray self in the video! #awkward

All photos courtesy of Video Blogs PH

Special thanks and hugs to JC, Chino and Nikki of Video Blogs Philippines for this fun collaboration! You guys are awesome!!

Get to know me more through my webisode (web episode) for Video Blogs PH! Weee! The teaser's coming out this week and I can't wait for it. Stay tuned!! xx

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Gellie Abogado said...

looking awesome, arnie! can't wait to watch this :)

Aya said...

Congrats Arnie! Excited to watch it :D

AVA TE-ZABAT♥ said...

very nice!:) congrats with the collaboration! love the dress on you!:)

Unknown said...

looks fun! looking forward to the video now :) congrats!

Ysh ♥ said...

Aww. You look so beautiful! :) I'm sure you deserve to be featured there!

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Gellie, awww thanks girl!! Haha can't wait to see it, too!! :D

@Aya, thank you so much!!! Excited level 99!! :D

@Ava, hihi salamat ng marami, babe!! ♥ Means a lot!!

@Carizza, weee thank you for this, girl!! :) Apir!

@Ishna, awww thank you thank youuu!! :) So sweet of you ♥

Unknown said...

Love your dress! I find myself drawn to bright colors and crazy prints lately! :D

Congrats on being in the video!