When In Doubt, Color Block

Still head over heels with the color-blocking trend! :) If you've been a lovely reader of this humble blog ever since, you'd know that I always keep my style minimal and classy, injecting prints, bold and bright hues in my looks every now and then. I wore this ensemble to an eventful day, not to mention how early the first one started, and I really had a hard time choosing pieces that can keep up til an evening affair from my closet. Good thing I resorted to this. I guess the playfulness of the colors of this outfit kept me so alive and blissful!

Oh boy, chubby cheeks! I've been eating too much lately. How will I ever learn... :p

On me: blazer courtesy of SM Girls Teens Wear | Mango tank top | skirt courtesy of SM Girls Teens Wear | Parisian platforms | It's All About Hue bow necklace

If you'll ask me, most flashy colors look great against black (or other neutrals), so this skirt from SM GTW is just so perfect for those who'd want to take a step to color-blocking. The brand has a lot of awesome pieces so make sure to visit SM GTW very soon!

Let's have a tremendous week, shall we? xx


RaeAbigael said...

good thing you tried this trend ate arnie! soooo bagay! =D

Etaduran said...

Cute necklace!! Love this outfit ate arnie =)

Kath Rivera said...

Hi Arnie, I love the whole outfit. I have a question, I have a black with white stripes blazer, what color of blouse or tank top should I wear? Thanks :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Rae, haha yiii I'm so kilig for your sweet comment! :) Thank you so much my dear!! ♥

@Etaduran, thank you so much dear!! :) I have to agree with the necklace, suuuper cute nga!! ♥

@Kath, thank youuu!! :"> Oh! If I were to style that, I'd go for a sequined tank top or white inner wear! ♥ Minimalist as always! :p Hope the simple tip helped youuu ♥ Thanks for asking! :)

Lemuel Urieta said...

This is amazing! I love the colors of your outfit! Cooool

Sharina said...

Black is my favorite color! :) Love the outfit, arnie!

Sharina said...

BTdubs, Im your 500th follower!!! :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Lemuel, thank you so much!!! So glad you love it!! ♥

@Shari, thank you so much! You can never really go wrong with black. ;) YAY!! High five for that! ♥