Not The Usual

You rarely see me wear black garbs but when I do, I make sure that an interesting or surprising element is present with it. Just like this dress that I recently got from OASAP. It's a mini dress with details that scream sexiness and sophistication. Sheer long gauze sleeves and sheer waist panel features - you'll see what I mean as you scroll down. ;)

This dress courtesy of OASAP is currently my favorite LBD! I love how it can make you look effortlessly classy and glamorous! Such a must-have! ♥

Hair and makeup by Ann de Leon Perez
I totally love how Ann transformed my usual sweet and dainty self to a more high-strung one! You can contact her through Twitter if you want to avail of her professional services.

Take a closer look of this dress here.
Our creative director for this shoot is my co-blogger and beautiful friend, Bestie Konisis. I owe most of my poses from her!

This set is part of a shoot I had with my beloved "legendary" team. You'll see them in my BRGR Project post! Hi guys! :p

I wish my regular outfit photos look this great all the time! These high definition photos deserve a huge space in my blog. I love them so much so please don't mind if the shots look bigger than typical. Hihi! Thank you so much to my good friend, Charlston Uytanlet, and his amazing talent and passion for photography! Cheers!

Hope you're having a great week so far, loveys! xx


Gabrielle said...

i love ur make-up and dress!! u look pretty hot.


The Mommy Roves said...

omg ang ganda moooooo <3 mana ka sakin hhahahhaha!!! your makeup is so classy!!!! <3

Rovie, The Bargain Doll

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Gabrielle, oh how I wish I could do this makeup by myself!! Haha I love it, too! ♥ Thank you dear!

@Rovie, hahahaha forever mana sayo mother!! Lamoyan ♥ It is! Galing ng HMUA! Pak!

bestie said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! <3

Shikina Alca said...

SUPER PRETTY!!! you look good in that black dress...very sophisticated!! pang-High Fashion lng ang PEG! taray!!! :))

Claudine Chua said...

Ganda mo lalo dito!! <3 Love the dress a lot! Kahit walang accessories, stand out parin! <3

Vera Liane Rea said...

Love this! Super pretty & the dress just makes you look hotter! Love this! :)) (super big fan of amazing lbds)

Etaduran said...

So sexy ate arnie!!! Ganda <3


Keigh Jalbuena said...

You na! So fierce, I love it! :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Bestie, waaa haha you're the creative director. No wonder it's gorgeous!!! Hahaha love youuu ♥

@Shikina, awww thank you so much dear!! Haha true ka dyan! Lol salamat talaga! :)

@Claudine, ehhh :"> Super kilig! Thank you so much! The best yung dress eh. ♥ Keri na!

@Vera, haha thank you so much! Really love LBDs, too! :">

@Etaduran, awww thank you girl! ♥ Haha!

@Keigh, me na!! :p Thanks love!! See you very soon!

ChinChin V said...

LOVE everything, your dress, the concept, the makeup! :)