Not The Usual

You rarely see me wear black garbs but when I do, I make sure that an interesting or surprising element is present with it. Just like this dress that I recently got from OASAP. It's a mini dress with details that scream sexiness and sophistication. Sheer long gauze sleeves and sheer waist panel features - you'll see what I mean as you scroll down. ;)

This dress courtesy of OASAP is currently my favorite LBD! I love how it can make you look effortlessly classy and glamorous! Such a must-have! ♥

Hair and makeup by Ann de Leon Perez
I totally love how Ann transformed my usual sweet and dainty self to a more high-strung one! You can contact her through Twitter if you want to avail of her professional services.

Take a closer look of this dress here.
Our creative director for this shoot is my co-blogger and beautiful friend, Bestie Konisis. I owe most of my poses from her!

This set is part of a shoot I had with my beloved "legendary" team. You'll see them in my BRGR Project post! Hi guys! :p

I wish my regular outfit photos look this great all the time! These high definition photos deserve a huge space in my blog. I love them so much so please don't mind if the shots look bigger than typical. Hihi! Thank you so much to my good friend, Charlston Uytanlet, and his amazing talent and passion for photography! Cheers!

Hope you're having a great week so far, loveys! xx

ETC Fashion Flea Market

Right after my class last Saturday, I hurried to Ronac Art Center for the ETC Fashion Flea Market. Even though my schedule was totally frantic that day, I still made sure to visit the bazaar because I wanted to support my blog friends (especially Ana, hi sis! :p) and check out other fashion brands. I was really supposed to buy a few clothes there, but my time's so limited and I've to rush to a shoot at Heima Store in Cubao (which I'll be blogging about very soon).

These cute signs won't get you lost! :)

Area where you can grab something to eat or drink if in case you're tired from shopping. Also spotted my favorite pastry shop, Sophie's Mom! Yum!

There was also a booth for Cancer Warriors Foundation, Inc. I think proceeds or bids from this event will go to this foundation. Great idea, right?

Here's Ana's booth with her supportive Mom manning it while we had our rounds. I love your Mom, sis! Very very supportive ng parents!

Photo above grabbed from Ava. Dropped by her booth, too! Such a pretty mom! ♥

Flying Dutchman's booth. I've always been in love with their collections!

Stopped over Mapleberry Boutique's booth and finally met the pretty owner of this line, Carmel! Hi dear! :) We're cooking up a collaboration for Raid My Closet and I'm extremely excited for it!

These are just some of Mapleberry Boutique's items! More fabulous pieces are up for grabs in their online shop! Click click!

Prints overload at Wardrobe Check's stall! I seriously love this online brand as well! They've got the trendiest clothes all the time. Aztecs, peplums, florals, name it and they have it! ♥

Guess who!!! :p Hahaha! I seriously have no idea why my camera failed to cooperate for this group shot. Kelly finally came and we were off to the shoot I mentioned at the first part of this post.

With my blog sister, Ana, and I grabbed this photo from her post. Love you forever! I enjoyed our bonding and kwentuhan about Pax's epic birthday celebration, UAAP (chos, si Jic lang talaga, hahaha!) and everything under the sun! Cheers to happy and genuine friendships!

That's it for today, loveys! Do you love going to bazaars, too? I'd love to know your stories! xx

The BRGR Project

Posting something that will make you guys hungry and cheat on your diet regimen. :p Dined at The BRGR Project with my good friends slash "The Battery Team" after our shoot last Sunday (August 19). We spent the night at this burger joint over laughter, delicious food and stories. I'd love to do this again with them! ♥

Certified foodies! That's me on an up-do, Charls (legendary photographer) and Ann (legendary make-up artist). Bestie (legendary creative director and a co-blogger) took this and grabbed this photo from her!

Patrons are allowed to customize their own burgers and that's something I love most about BRGR Project! :) We get to choose from different types of buns, burgers, cheese, basic and premium toppings and sauces!

After building your burger, you should name it! But since I was so hungry and blank during that time, I settled for the no-brainer "Raid My Burger" (blog-inspired) name. :p

Proceeded to the counter afterwards and paid for "Raid My Burger" and Pino brewed iced tea. Oh by the way, have I mentioned that you can also choose from those ready-made designer burgers? :)

Can't help but stare at the cute interiors of BRGR Project!

Onion rings

Photo grabbed from Bestie

Huge and delicious burgers everywhere!!!

Oh, BRGR Project! I'll come back for you. I'll see you again, very soon! ♥

Globe Unveils 4G LTE

Philippine 4G pioneer Globe Telecom announces its fourth generation Long-Term Evolution (4G LTE) network for broadband and mobile telephony use. The company said that the launch of LTE forms part of its $700-Million network modernization program. Commencing in September 2012, Globe will launch its 4G LTE service through Tattoo, the number one most preferred broadband in the country. Globe will also offer 4G LTE to mobile customers by the fourth quarter of 2012.

"By September of this year, it's all systems go to launch the 4G LTE network of Globe. On top of just offering the fastest speeds on the country's best broadband service, Tattoo, Globe will offer 4G LTE on a full range of mobile phones by the fourth quarter of the year," said Peter Bithos, Senior Adviser for Consumer Business of Globe Telecom, "Globe has been the industry leader in 4G for years. Globe was the first to introduce 4G WiMax and 4G HSPA+. Now, we are the first carrier to announce mobile 4G LTE, which provides superior speeds on the world's best mobile phones and gadgets."

This key network launch of Globe leverages it comprehensive nationwide modernization efforts with an additional 12,000 kilometers of fiber optic cable being rolled-out to enable 4G LTE activation for majority of its cell sites. This will allow for the deployment of super fast data speeds.

The 4G LTE launch of Globe will focus on providing large contiguous areas of coverage, rather than just "hotspots". Key commercial as well as residential areas in Makati City will be first to enjoy Globe 4G LTE service, the country's premier financial and business district posts the highest mobile traffic from residents and transients at any particular time. 4G LTE service of Globe will expand quickly to cover regions across Manila, the three major capital cities and select regions across the country.

Bithos added, "Today, Globe already has the largest 4G network in the country with over 2,700 4G base stations through its leading WiMAX and HSPA + services. Now with 4G LTE, it will extend its lead as the country's best wireless broadband network.  Through our network transformation, we are focused on improving the experience of our customers—faster, more reliable and better quality."

Globe was first to introduce 4G technology in the Philippines in 2009, with the deployment of its Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMax) network. In the same year, Globe, in partnership with its principal SingTel, began testing 4G LTE in the country, with speeds clocking up to 100 mbps. Field tests of 4G LTE by Globe and SIngTel in highly populated areas in Metro Manila yielded up to 60 mbps downlink data throughput rate. Last year, Globe launched its 4G Evolved High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA+) network. To date, Globe has a total of 2,700 4G sites across the country. By end-2012, that number will increase to over 4,000 sites.

Dimensione x Magis Wonder Puppy

Rushed to High Street right after my Friday class last August 17 for the Dimensione x Secret Fresh Gallery + Magis Puppy Chair launch. I got overjoyed when I saw the super perky event setup inside the furniture store! Look! :p

Ahhh, I want those colorful animal chairs in my room!!! So cute!

Shared fun-filled moments with these good-looking (naks) and lovable blogger friends!

Fieldtrip pose!! Photo grabbed from sis Pax

The event was hosted by Patty Laurel. She introduced the 8 great urban artists who gave their very own interpretations of the Magis Wonder Puppy chairs.

Stray by Jagnus Design Studio

Rally by Mimi Tecson

The Anti-Monochrome Puppy by Tripp 63

Upo'ng Otso Sinkwenta Lamang by Electrolychee

Ponkan by Nemo Aguila

Tattoo by Whoop

Sta. Cruz by Wesley Valenzuela

The Green Guardian by Farley Del Rosario

Awesome designs, right? My top picks are "Stray" and "Sta. Cruz" ♥ Anyway, we headed to Aria and Bo's Coffee after the event for dinner, coffee and kwentuhan. I love being with these people! :)

Instagram photos grabbed from sis Ana. Woopee!

Congratulations to the Bench team for another successful event! Thank you so much for having us! xx