It's official! With the dear Lord's graciousness, I can now reveal that I'm one of SM Girls Teens' Wear's bloggers for Redhead Model Search 2012! Yesterday, we conducted a meeting and contract signing at SM Office's boardroom then went on a shopping spree at SM Department Store (Mall of Asia). Ahhh, up to now, I still can't believe that they chose me and my humble blog for this collaboration! I feel so honored and thankful to the SM heads and team for entrusting me with this. Stay tuned 'cause I'll be blogging about that on a separate post! ;) For now, here's what I wore to that special event.

On me: Forever 21 purple dress | thrifted blazer | Filgiarina gold peep-toes

I was supposed to wear this ensemble without the blazer, but unfortunately, the dress is too big for me. I got this on sale from Forever 21 (part of my crazy impulsive buys) and even if it's not in my size, I still decided to purchase it. My Mom placed pins inside the dress just so it would fit me. Awkward tignan without the cover up! Hahaha!

Cobweb necklace courtesy of Simone's Closet
Thank you so much, Denise, for sending over some accessories from your online shop! :) I really admire her handmade pieces. You can feel that it's made with so much passion and love. Way to go, Denise! :)

Bag courtesy of SM Accessories

Disclaimer: For the two photos above, it was my Mom's idea to sit here and take more outfit shots. How could I resist her?! :p Love you, Mom!

Have a great midweek, everyone! xx


RaeAbigael said...

wow naks! sobrang congrats ate arnie! :)) Good Luck sa lahat and more power! oh, and i love your f21 dress ^^)


Gie said...

iba na c mommy!pde pde na photog!:))love the purple and red colors together!:)

Denise said...

yay for this sis! and congrats on your achievement! you deserve it! infair, bagay sayo ung cobweb necklace! nataouch ako at sinuot mo na sya!!!:)

krissy ♥ said...

Awesome news, congratulations Arnie! :)

Nix Rueda said...

so proud of you! :) iba na talaga. congrats, girl. you deserve it. ;)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Rae, awww thank you sobra sobra, dear! ♥ Haha I really appreciate it ng bongga. Yiii haha got that on sale! ;)

@Gie, hahaha true!! Legit na! Chosss hahaha thanks BBF! Love ya!

@Denise, woohoo! ♥ A lot have noticed and loved the necklace, sis. I was proud to say na it was from you! :) Go go go! Super thank you for this!

@Krissy, waaa thank you so much babe!! ♥ Means a looot!!

@Nix, haha thanks girl! Still the same old Arnie. :) See you soon!

Gellie Abogado said...

Congrats Arnie! Deserve! :D

thestyleflux said...

Love the colorful outfit Arnie! :) So girly! so you :)

Kaye Awatin
Twitter: @thestyleflux

Shopgirl Jen said...

Congrats, Arnie!! Bongga lang!! I know that place haha! :D mwaaaaaah!! :) Date soon please :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Gellie, awww beb sobrang thank you!!! :) Hope to bump into you soon! xx

@Kaye, yiii congratulations to us, girl! ;) Thanks a looot ♥

@Mommy Jen, mwahahaha lamoyan!!! Familiar ba?? :p Thank you thank you po! Haha gora ako sa date na yan (tho laging walang concrete plans) hahaha miss you!

Shikina said...

Congrats girl! Ibang level k na talaga...konti na lang, idol na kita! hehe. Way to go!

Unknown said...

congrats babe! you're totally fit for the redhead aesthetic. i'm sure you'll look fantastic as always!


Unknown said...

looking great arnie! hahhaa congrats to us, weee cant wait to hang out again with you girls soon! <3

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Shikina, awww hahaha walang level level girl!! :) Thank you sobra!! >:D<

@Eden, beb!! Thank you so much! Haha really hope I can visit you guys in Cebu soon!! AHHH ♥

@Carizza, yiii congratulations to us!! :) Same here, looking forward to see you more!

The Mommy Roves said...

ganda mo jan girl lamoyan :) im so proud of my baby!! :)

Rovie, The Bargain Doll

Junah Cagang said...

nice outfit :) very pretty.
Interesting blog, I really enjoyed browsing it :)

Blog: Oh it's Juno

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Rovie, hi Mommy!! Haha I'm also veryyy proud of you! ♥ Super thank you for being there all the time!

@Junah, awww thank you so much ♥ Means a lot to me!