Finally blogging about the third Bloggers United bazaar! :) It was held last Saturday, June 2 at Grandview Events Place, Makati. I was rushing to the venue looking like a zombie with no proper sleep and makeup, but I still felt so giddy and energized! I don't know why, maybe because I got so overwhelmed to see my co-bloggers again and meet my sweet readers. More kwento in the following photos and captions! ;)

Photo grabbed from Vergil Chua

I know I've mentioned before that I was part of the BU3 Power Team (also called BU3 Angels, according to Pax). My task was to take charge of the registration area along with another blogger Gie Uy and Ana's sister, Ate Kaka. The work was quite stressful lalo na pag humahaba yung line ng guests, some were impatient pa, pero keri lang! :) I wasn't even able to score items from the booths inside but I feel completely happy and fulfilled because I was able to help the team! Thank you so much for the trust, Ana and Pax! Alam niyo na yan girls! ;) 

Tarpaulins of some sponsors for the event. Without them, the event won't be this successful!

Here's Melai Entuna, also one of the heads of Bloggers United and she hosted the event. I really admire her passion and talent with hosting! Great job, Melai! :)

Jam-packed place!

With Anastasia Siantar, an Indonesian blogger. It was so nice to meet you, dear! Come back to the Philippines soon! ;)

Mother Divine Lee was also there, and pinuri ang lipchook (lipstick) ko. Hahahaha!

My fashion icon, Kookie Buhain. I love how she remains so humble and sweet! Wish I could be as fierce as her! :)

Pretty boothmates Krissy and Ava. Hi girls! :)

Mariel who came all the way to Manila from Butuan with another blogger, Steph! So nice to see you, babe!

The Walkie Talkies - Rizza and Raleene! I can listen to their songs all day!!! They have the best voices!

David Guison and I. We've got sooo many photos (with different pegs - serious, wacky, smiling) that day, but I wouldn't want to bomb you with our faces! Lol! Dalawa na lang! It was really great to see you again, David! :)

With Pax now! Tey, lamonayan! Thank you for everything, pati kay Ana! I can sense Bloggers United 4 coming!! :p

Photo from Nicole Santos

My love Kelly Medina. He's also one of the BU3 Angels! :)

Now I'll be sharing some photos from other blogs and those that were sent to me by my dearest blog readers through email and Twitter! You guys don't know how much I love each of you!! :) Thank you for always taking time to read my humble blog. The best kayo!

See you at Bloggers United 4, loveys! xx


A N A G O N said...

Thank you sooo much Arnie for supporting and HELPING out in BU! Super appreciate ko sya! Ate loves you din hehehe :) Super OC and sipag...unlike meee hehehe :) Love you and see you soon for Power Team Dinner! ;)

Unknown said...

mucho sorry talaga babe that i put off picture taking with you, di na natuloy-tuloy talaga! sorry talaga, what was i thinking! well, i literally only had an hour of sleep for the past like 40 hours so super sabaw talaga ako nun. but it was awesome to have finally met you, you are as sweet and pretty in person. love ya too!


Wicked Ying said...

Aww... You look so pretty Arnie! Thanks for the photo, hope you don't mind me grabbing it! Heeee! :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Ana, sooobra sobrang salamat din girl sa tiwala! :) Alam mo namang I'm always here to help you guys out! I'm happy I was able do my part! ♥ Hahaha love ko rin ate Kaka!! Sana makita ko ulit siya soon. Bilib din ako sa tiyaga and sipag niya! All for this event ♥ Love you Ana! Go ako sa dinner na yan with "angels" ;)

@Eden, awww it's super fine with me babe! Really! :D I know how bangag you guys were due to lack of proper rest and sleep, I completely understand! :) Love you and hoping to see you again! :)

@Mariel, hiii girl! :) Haha sure sure, go ahead! It was totally nice na may photo tayo together, we've been making chika online pero in person di pa masyado. HAHA Love you always! Come back soon!

The Mommy Roves said...

arniee! bongga lang the outfitey!!! hope to see you soon na ha! naiinis ako kasi tagal tagal tagal ng balak na magchikahan never naman natuloy ahahhahahahah
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Anne Garais said...

Arnie, thanks for including me in this post! :)) looking forward to BU4 naman.. Haha.. :)) Stay gorgeous sweety!!