Ocean Waves

Hi everyone! :) Finally back to blogging after a week of being busy with school-related stuff and preparations for my turnover (which will happen tomorrow, I'm so thrilled and excited). So anyway, you know how much I love summer and that I'm still not ready for the rain yet, hence I came up with this breezy outfit last Sunday. Guess I should update my wardrobe now and get ready for months of layering! 

Oh, if only it could be summer all year long! But don't get me wrong, I love suspension of classes, too! :p

Decided to pair a high-waisted skirt with this top just so my Dad would allow me to go outside of the house it won't look too revealing. :)

On me: sheer cropped cape courtesy of Cesa Designs | green skirt from The Ramp

Have you noticed something different from the photo above? :) Yay or nay? I don't usually flash smiles in my outfit posts because I feel like an awkward-little-kid about it. But since some of my readers suggested this, go agad! Lakas niyo sakin! :p

Earrings courtesy of Love Diva Philippines

Turquoise bangle and ring from Pop Culture

The Ramp flats | toenails courtesy of Nails Glow

Been tweeting (@listentoarnie) a lot about Nails Glow over the weekend 'cause my Mom and I are so satisfied with their crew and services! :) I'll be blogging about them next so watch out! Can't wait to go there again soon. Maybe with one of my blog readers, yes? :)

Thank you so much to dearest Chaley Tiu of Cesa Designs for my cropped cape! I really love how it looks sexy but still so chill and comfortable! :) You can also wear it in different ways and I'll be showing that to you guys soon! Make sure to like Cesa Designs on Facebook to see more of their awesome collections!

Have an amazing week, loveys! xx


Denise said...

nuks lav ko smile mo sister! i miss you and i am looking forward to work with you again sa shop :)

Denise said...

nuks lav ko smile mo sister! i miss you and i am looking forward to work with you again sa shop :)

Cheska said...

I love the top so much!! <3

A N A G O N said...

Ganda, ikaw lang makakacarry nyan!! :)

Gie said...

tama mas bagay sau nakasmile bbf!!!!:)) mas bata ka tingnan!!:)) i love the top!!bongga at bagay na bagay sau!!hula ko mommy mo kumuha ng pic mo?:)) gsto ko yang nails glow na yan sasali ako!chot!:))

Hershey Neri ♕ said...

Love the outfit! Youre so pretty!! <3

Julie Ann Lozada said...

nice top, so cool! the skirt is so nice, too! ahhm, sis.. you look like Nina, the soul siren!

It’s a GIRL Thing

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Denise, awww thank you sister! :) Haha I miss you too and super miss ko na rin si Marise, plus working with you for your shop! Update me ha if you have plans! ♥

@Cheska, thank you so much! :) Cesa Designs top!

@Ana, hahaha hubadera ng mini-mini! Chos! Haha Ana thank you, kilig ako kasi dumalaw ka dito ♥

@Gie, hahaha! Thank you naman BBF! :)) Di ba awkward? I'm not used to this. :( Haha thank youuu yes si Mommy always ang photog ko! Ayos ba?? ;) HAHAHA Gooo soon!

@Hershey, hi dear! Thank you so much ♥ So kilig!

@CutestPrincess, thank you so much! Haha really? :p

Kim Mendoza said...

Nice top! Pretty and sexy. :)

Hazel said...

i love it arnie!! :) the color is so refreshing too <3

Kookie B. said...

what a cute mullet top, arnie!

Salvee said...

how are you dear?hehe..u pulled off such a unique outfit!!:)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Kim, thank you so much dear!! :) :)

@Hazel, yay!! Glad to know you loved it. Refreshing colors for the crazy/bipolar weather we've been having lately! :)

@Kookie, ehhhh hi idol!! :p Hahahaha thank you so much!

@Salvee, doing great my dear! :) Thanks for asking! ♥ Hihi tried my luck in styling this! :)