Laces and Chains

Sharing to everyone my outfit during the Bloggers United 3 before I blog about the awesome event itself! :) I opted to be on a comfortable, unique but elegant ensemble since I know I'll be going around the venue most of the time, plus do my part as one of the Power Team members. Thank God for a generous blog sponsor of mine, Skulls & Bones, they sent me the perfect dress days before BU3! 

On me: dress courtesy of Skulls & Bones | Pop Culture ring | Filgiarina gold peep-toes

Loving its sexy and subtle details! And oh, if you remember, one of my outfits during the Philippine Fashion Week was from Skulls & Bones, too! ;) You should visit their site now!

Thank you so much for taking these shots (using lovey Kelly Medina's camera), Aidx Paredes! I miss you! You better come back soon!! :)

Tweet (@listentoarnie) or email me ( if we've got photos together during BU3 so I can include them in my next post. Hugs and kisses! xx


Unknown said...


thestyleflux said...

So sexy Arny!! :)
Looking so gorgeous!!

Kaye Awatin

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Michael, hahahaha cute comment!! Thanks, dude!! :) :)

@Kaye, you're sexier, alam mo yan! :p Thank you so much dear!

Megann Monday said...

Love your dress, babe!!! :) Super nice nung shoulder details.

♥ Megann of Style Surgery

Shopgirl Jen said...

Fierce!!! Can't believe kaya mong mag heels ng matagal. Ingggggggit!! haha! :D stay gorgeous!! :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Megann, yieee thank you so much, babe!! ♥ Yes kakaiba yung shoulder deets that's why I kept my eye on this dress din!! :p See you soon!

@Mommy Jen, hahaha maybe sanayan lang? Or depende sa shoes? :) :) Hahaha but I love wearing flats, too!! ♥ Thank you po!