Lace Love

Here's what I wore to the JC Buendia x Kashieca shopping event at Greenbelt yesterday. I came fresh from school, with no proper sleep yet from the 7FAM party last Friday (which I'll be blogging about very soon) so please excuse my zombie-looking face in some photos! :p Anyway, if you've been reading my blog for quite some time already, you'll know how in love I am with laces! So you could just imagine how giddy I was when I received this top from OASAP a few days ago! :) 

On me: lace top courtesy of OASAP | high-waist shorts from Landmark | Aldo bag | Filgiarina gold peep-toes

My forever sweet Mom was in the mood to take my outfit photos hence the two different OTD locations. Not complaining, though, I love my Mom for being so supportive!

Closer view of my OASAP top! The lace details and embellishments on the side scream elegance! Don't you just admire it? :) Thank you so much to OASAP for sending me this!

Paired it with my new cute colored high-waist shorts from Landmark to add a sweeter touch to this ensemble.

I've got so many backlogs already but I promise to work on them after this! :) I'll also announce my Sam's Station & Sachico Shop giveaway winner tonight so stay tuned! xx


Arra said...

taray lang ng first photo! this is lovely arnie!

ROXY said...

Love the lace top and the colored shorts together :) stay gorgeous arnie :)) love reading your posts even though i don't comment a lot :> hehe!


The Mommy Roves said...

love your top and the lace baby!! :) You look so pretty :)

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Arnie Villanueva said...

@Arra, hahaha! Keri! Thank you so much girl!

@Roxy, awww thank you so much dear! Really appreciate that. Means a lot to me whenever people say na they visit my humble blog. Love ya! ;)

vanessa east said...

i missss my donya babyyyyyy :( looking guapa as always. hugssss

Hazel said...

arnie!! i love your high-waist shorts!! i'm looking for similar one, sa Landmark pala meron. may i know how much? :)

and aww, such supportive mom you have :)


Arnie Villanueva said...

@Rovie, awww thank you so much Mommy dear!! ♥ Mana sayo!

@Vanessa, BABYYY!!! I'll see you very soon okay? We need to hangout! :-* Love youuu!! MISS YOU BIGTIME!

@Hazel, hi dear!! ♥ Thank you so much! You won't believe it, but I got those shorts for less than P200 lang! ;) Landmark Makati ♥ Thank you again for dropping byyy :)

Gellie Abogado said...

Loooove lace on you Arnie! Hot! :D

thestyleflux said...

You look so pretty Arnie! :)

Kaye Awatin
Twitter: @thestyleflux

Julie Ann Lozada said...

amazing top, i always love lace... sexy outfit!!

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Arnie Villanueva said...

@Gellie, ehhh! :"> Hahaha thank you babe! ♥

@Kaye, thank you so much dearest!! :) :)

@CutestPrincess, likewise! Can't get over laces! :D Thanks girl!

Denise said...

lovely look sister!:)

RaeAbigael said...

SEXXYYYYYYYYYYY!!! woootwew :)) hihihi

Grysh Co said...

Looking so pretty! I got my item from Oasap too. Am actually waiting for it. :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Denise, thank you so much sister! :) Hihi!

@Rae, hahaha you're so cute!!! Thanks dear!

@Grysh, wow! ♥ I'd love to see you wear something from OASAP, too!! ;) Will check that out!