Tatt Awards 2012 Launch

I was given the privilege to attend this year's Globe Tattoo Awards launch last April 25. The venue was at Buddha Bar in Makati, a luxurious bar/restaurant which first opened in Paris, France. The Globe team once again recognizes the who's who in the world of social media, those who have led, inspired and influenced the society in their own positive ways. So anyway, I'll tell you what happened during the event through these photos and captions! :)

Huge jacuzzi in the middle of the roof deck plus stunning performances by fire and pole dancers - talk about one hot night!

The all-around good guy, Tim Yap, hosted the event along with Ashley Rivera (Petra Mahalimuyak of Youtube).

Miggy Chavez was also there to introduce some of the judges (also called the Tatt Council).

On to the people whom I shared the night with, each of them's undoubtedly beautiful inside and out! :)

Hello seatmates!!! :p

Youtube sensation, Jamich (Jamvhille Sebastian and Michelle Liggayu) with Tumblr's Paolo (Kimpoy) Feliciano. More photos with them here.

The award-winning journalist and ABS-CBN News and Public Affairs social media pioneer, Ms. Maria Ressa. My parents admire her so much! :)

Co-bloggers Megann and Jonver. Love you both! :)

Photo from Kelly Medina. Hi, pretty Megann! :)

Photo again from my love Kelly Medina. THE Jenni Epperson herself! :) I truly adore her kindness, she's very nice and down-to-earth despite all her achievements! Ms. Jenni even invited us to her workshop this May. Exciting!

With the handsome Chuckie Dreyfus now. It was so nice to meet you!!! :)

Ashley Rivera never failed to make me laugh with her videos! Superb!

Watch this video now and send in your entries!


Etaduran said...

Wow! star studded night =)


Paige Seven Bautista said...

You really seemed to have lots of fun, Ms. Arnie! Btw, I love your skirt :D

Hezron Peralta said...

Epic talaga yan si Petra. :) Nice venue by the way. Inggit

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Etaduran, it really was!! :)

@Paige, totally! :D It was a fun event sobra! ♥ Awww thank you and I'm glad you loved the skirt!

@Hezron, yeah! :) Thanks dude!

Hazel said...

ohh it's ashley rivera!! :) great photos arnie!! seems like a fab night!

Unknown said...

all i can say is wow.
youre so pretty btw.
i wonder how old are u.

stay beautiful!


Arnie Villanueva said...

@Hazel, yes she was there!! :) She hosted the launch! ♥ Gorgeous girl. Thanks! :D

@Kris, hi!! :) Awww thank you for that sweet comment. I'm 19! :)

The Mommy Roves said...

WOW what a great event!! You look stunning arnie <3
Rovie, The Bargain Doll