Love Bug

Attended the Joe Jonas x Bench event at Makati Shangri-la yesterday and here's what I wore. I know you don't usually see me in jeans or pants in my outfit posts and I always get asked if I use them talaga. Well yes, most of the time I do, especially in school because we have a dress code to follow. So, now I'm gonna show you my take on wearing jeans. Hope you'll like it! :)

On me:  sheer top from Muffin Clothing | jeans from Muffin Clothing | Parisian shoes | Juicy Couture bag

I really have a thing for high-waisted jeans like this. Sobrang love that I have it in four other colors pa! *_*

Necklace from Ms. Amyline Ching

Thank you again to my gorgeous Mom for taking all these outfit shots and for suggesting Love Bug as this post's title! Yes, she's that supportive, and she listens to Jonas Brothers! :p

I'll be blogging about the Joe Jonas x Bench event next so stay tuned! 

Looking forward to see you guys at the Philippine Fashion Week. I'll be watching the shows on Friday to Sunday and I'm extremely excited about it! Have a wonderful week, loveys! xx

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Denise said...

bet ko the pants! :) see you tomorrow! :)

Etaduran said...

Pretty pants!!


Gellie Abogado said...

I love the pants Arnie! You're just so gorgeous! :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Denise, awww thank you thank you! :) See you tomorrow!

@Etaduran, thanks dear! :)

@Gellie, yay really glad you love it! ♥ Thanks babe!! :D

Mrs. Kolca said...

My 3 yo daughter says she likes your jeans. And necklace too. Haha. Bloghopping here with my little one! :)

Unknown said...

thats cool, love your outfit here arnie!

Hazel said...

awww such supportive mom!! :) love the pants!!

fashioneggpplant said...

pretty! nice seeing you there! :)

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Mrs. Kolca, wow!! :) So happy your daughter liked my jeans! Means a lot to me :D Thank you!

@Carizza, yay thank you so much!

@Hazel, she's totally supportive!! :') Thanks for dropping by!

@Sarah, Momma Sarah!!! :) It was so nice to see you there too! Sayang we had no photo together :(