Visita Iglesia

While most of you had your own holy week getaways in various resorts or provinces, this year, my family and I opted for a stay-cationAnd as Catholics, we have this visita iglesia practice every Maundy Thursday, wherein we visit different churches and pray the Stations of the Cross. Though I totally miss hitting the beach with such season, I still prefer doing this tradition. Ang sarap talaga ng feeling ma-reunite with our Lord! :) 

So what are you up to this holy week, loveys? Hope you're having a meaningful one! xx


Denise said...

that is a nice tradition Arnie! :) same as your sister, we are also on stay-cation :)

Jacky said...

I wanna try this! :) Looks fun! And Arnie! There's a better milk tea place near our house! :)


Arnie Villanueva said...

@Denise, yes! :) Luckily grew up with really spiritual parents. I became closer with God! Same pala tayo sis! That's great! ♥

@Jacky, HEYYY Really?? Hahaha where?? We can't seem to find any milk tea places around West Avenue kaya ended up at Ersao just to satisfy our cravings! Lol I'll tweet you!