SoFA Design Institute

Had the opportunity to visit and tour around the very prestigious and first ever specialized fashion college in the Philippines, School of Fashion and the Arts, last Saturday. There were discussions about SoFA's curriculum, courses, student life and possible career options. I've learned so much about SoFA that made me more excited to take a course or two here after I graduate in college (which is only a year from now). Anyway, let me take you to a quick virtual tour around SoFA! :)

Here goes their Design Studio! It's not just a room, it's actually a part of their subjects under Fashion Design and Marketing Associate course. It includes aspects like Creative Problem Solving, Roots of Philippine Fashion, Fashion and the Arts, and Innovative Garment. Interesting class, huh? ;)

Fashion students busy with sewing and pattern making!

This particular area inside SoFA also caught my eye. I see inspiration and motivation!

They surely know how to encourage their students to strive harder! :)

Huge sketches, and wow! I wish I knew how to do these! *_*

Young designers constructing beautiful clothes!


They also have a Basic Makeup class in a term under Fashion Styling and Communication. Here's their room for the said subject.

The gorgeous, Ms. Amina Aranaz-Alunan, a co-founder of SoFA and a well-known bag designer (ARANAZ) gave us further information about the institution and accompanied us around. Also knew that she graduated cum laude at Instituto Maragoni in Milan, Europe's leading fashion school. 

SoFA is the Philippine partner of Instituto Marangoni in Milan, Paris and London. You'll go places if you study here, no doubt!

Thank you so much to SoFA Design Institute for having us! I'm totally excited to enroll here soon!

SoFA Design Institute is located at G/F Enzo Bldg. 399 Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City
Visit SoFA's website here.
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Anonymous said...

hi arnie, nice seeing you again. :) syang i didnt have the chance to take pictures with you.


Melai said...

I want to take a fashion course too. Siguro pag di na busy. Haha. Kelan kaya yun? But SOFA's really nice! Kaso medyo pricey ata eh! Hehe :)

Grysh said...

Oh wow. :) I haven't been inside Sofa before but I know a lot of people who goes to that school.


Arnie Villanueva said...

@Khyutee, hi!! :) Yes it was nice to see you at the open house! Oo nga eh, think we were both overwhelmed, we forgot na! Haha see you whenever! :)

@Melai, naku same question, when ka magiging free? :p But hey, you're truly blessed and mas okay yan kesa walang ganap/ginagawa. ♥ Sooo happy for you! Miss youuu

@Grysh, really? It's a great school! ♥ Hope you can come soon!

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