Quick Transformation

I think I've told you guys last month that I had a shoot with two upcoming freelance stylists, Jacky Moraleda and Armi Fernandez. They asked me to model in a set for their portfolio and I gladly helped them out! You can hire me, too! *_* So anyway, I love how they made me look really hip and edgy here instead of sticking into my forever sweet and girly style.

Black leather jacket and boots for Arnie? Chhyeah! \m/

Say hi to my awkward walking shots :p

The photos turned out great with this blank wall! This shot is my Dad's favorite, hence it is his current desktop wallpaper. I love you, Daddy! :)

The heat was unbearable that day but I didn't mind! Fashion over comfort, as they say. I enjoyed the shoot with Jacky and Armi, never felt like we were actually working! Thank you and hugs, girls! :)

All photos above are raw/unedited.

Photography/Styling: Armi Fernandez
HMUA/Styling: Jacky Moraleda
Model: Arnie Villanueva (me)

You can hire me, too, as a model, stylist and personal shopper. Feel free to email me at

Hope you like this quick transformation, loveys! What can you say about it? xx


Jacky said...

Your dad's so sweet! :) And thank you for blogging about this! >:D< See you soon or pag balik ko dyan! :)

Gie said...

BBF!!i love!!!ang galing ng makeup!bagay sau!!! and the hair!gorg!! bagay pla sau edgy!! do it more often!!!:) mas hot kapa kesa sa summer season!:))

Maria said...

Arniee! why so gorgeous? :) Love this look on you - you pulled it off very well. teehee!

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Jacky, heyyy girl! Everyone loved your hair and makeup skills!! You already. ♥ Hahaha date with each other soonest! xx

@Gie, I know right?? :D Hahaha minsan do my makeup, BBF! Haha winner yung comment mo. Ang sweet mo kaya love na love kita, BBF. Sure na!! :)

@Maria, baaabe! :) You're gorgeous, too! Thank you so much and glad you loved it!! See you whenever!

Gellie Abogado said...

Arnie you look so kick-ass here! :)

thestyleflux said...

Wow! great edgy look! :)

Kaye Awatin

Arnie Villanueva said...

@Gellie, haha kilig! :) Thank you so much, babe!

@Kaye, never thought I'd achieve this. :p

Armi Fernandez said...

Ganda ng hair! Bagay sayo :D <3

Salvee said...


Wonder Woman said...

Ooo this is such a nice change to see! My favorite pic is the first one. HOWEVER... I prefer you better girly, I'm sorry. You're just too pretty to be a rocker/leather-wearing chick. You're like Sandy in Grease in that way. And that's a compliment! I wish I was a pretty girly girl. :(

Shikina Mica said...


Arnie Villanueva said...

@Armi, galing ni Jacky! Hahaha thanks love! 'Twas so nice to work with you two!

@Salvee, awww thank you dear!

@Angel, I also think being a rocker chick's not for me! Hahaha! HEYYY lol what are you saying??? ANG GANDA MO KAYA. No bola/biro/whatever. At least you can look your best in any style, ako pang-girly lang. :| Haha but yeah, again, no bola/joke, you're prettyyy! ♥

@Shikina, heyyy! Haha thank you so much for dropping by, dear!! ♥♥

Shopgirl Jen said...

I love every shot, Arnie! You look great! I covet the shoeeeeeeeees!! :))